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Screen Recorder

  • Capture any area of the PC screen and webcam
  • Record audio from both microphone and system
  • Record gameplay, tutorials and YouTube videos
  • Edit recordings with built-in tools and effects
Win 11 /Win 10 / Win 8 / Win7 (64 bit OS) | System Requirements
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macOS 10.15 - macOS 14 (10.14 or earlier? Click here) | Apple M1 & M2 compatible
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A Simple but Powerful Screen Recorder

Filmora video recorder can capture any browser activities and your desktop screen. It can record your screen while maintaining quality through online meetings, product demos, lectures, gameplays, etc.

Create Screen+Webcam Recording Like No Other

A video with people appearing on camera is more engaging for the audience. Additionally, Filmora can record on multiple occasions, including on-screen instructional videos, streaming videos, live webinars, video meetings, and calls.

Customize the Recording Area Wherever You Want

Want to customize the ratio and size of the screen to be captured according to different occasions? Then, you can find surprise hacks in Filmora! You can record any area of your computer screen with Filmora: the entire screen, a target window, or other specific areas. Then, customize the ratio and size quickly by dragging the window or entering the width & height!

Give Wings to System & Microphone Audio Recording

Filmora can always meet your needs whether you record audio from YouTube, record voiceover, or capture some streaming audio. It is a voice recorder that simultaneously captures the computer system audio and external microphone sound. What can improve the user experience is that you can freely mute the project when recording and customize the time to fill in the countdown.

Streamlined Recording Process With Record Timer

How to free your hands while you are not available during screen record? Use the Record Timer to create scheduled tasks and record your screen automatically. You can customize the record setting in Record Timer and set the screen record's start and stop date and time.

Add Wow Moments to Display Keystrokes and Mouse Clicks

How to make screen recording more exciting and make the operation in your screen recording clearer? This can be a way - Show your keystrokes and mouse clicks while recording your screen! The Show Mouse Clicks have four custom color options: green, yellow, red, and purple. You can also turn the Play Mouse Click Sound on or off in a recording setting.

Quick-Start Tip to Show Hotkey Combinations

You are optional to use hotkey shortcuts to capture screenshots. This feature enables you to customize: the pause & resume hotkey, start & stop hotkey, and hotkey combination used during screen recording.

Filmora Can Work Anywhere

Take the hassle out of PC operation. There's no need to be behind your desk only. With the Filmora app on iOS/Android, you can record audio and video from your phone. Then edit, upload, and share it anywhere instantly.

Record Screen with Filmora

Screen Record Anything You Want From Anywhere

engineer use Filmora screen recoder


Record code presentation videos to demonstrate what your code can do. Moreover, you can also record bugs and share the clip with your team for later review and revise the same program quickly.
teachers use filmora screen recorder


Making lecture videos for students' distance learning in a blended classroom. This helps students learn at their own pace. A pro tip to skyrocket your instructional videos with Filmora is trimming awkward silences, unwanted footage, and mistakes. Then, keep your viewers engaged with well-designed educational videos.
salesman use filmora screen recorder


Say goodbye to Zoom fatigue, back-and-forth emails, and long Slack threads. Whether you collaborate or communicate with your business partners, record a product demo video so your viewers can get all the details. Demonstrate the product's value in a fraction of the time. A tip to save time and money: Choose professional AI voiceovers for videos in different languages, voices, and speeds according to your business needs on other occasions.
gamer use filmora screen recorder


Are you a game vlogger that engages viewers in your gaming reaction videos? Filmora lets you easily record your screen and webcam for picture-in-picture game highlight videos. Then, you can upload them to YouTube or Vimeo later. Besides, you can personalize screen recordings with like and subscribe animations, stickers, and GIFs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Our screen and webcam recorder are free for all users. You are optional to choose to record from a webcam, record a PC screen, and record a voiceover. So start downloading & signing up and experience Filmora's screen recording function.
Yes. In addition to recording video, Filmora is a voice recorder that simultaneously captures the computer system audio and external microphone sound.
Filmora is a 100% reliable screen recorder for Windows PC and Mac. As taking customer data and information security seriously, we have implemented reasonable technical and organizational measures to ensure no malware or hacking issues. If you are still unsure, feel free to contact us.
Yes. You can use Filmora Screen Recorder's built-in editor to edit your videos for free. But notice that the only limitation of the free trial version is that your output files have watermarks. You can also choose some free screen recorders without watermark for your need.
Screen recording or screencast is a way to capture the activities on your computer screen. It is widely used in daily lives. Game lovers usually record the game screen to share the video on their social channel; Teachers need a screen recorder for remote learning; business people record meetings, presentations in their work.
Yes, you can edit screen recordings video on both computer and mobile phones. For computer users, you can use Filmora – an all-in-one video editor and screen recorder to record screen and edit the recordings easily.
Windows 10 has a built in screen recorder called Windwos Game Bar, you can follow the below steps to use it:
1. First, use shortcuts of "Windows logo" + "G."
2. Select the circle (Record) button for starting recording and stopping recording.
3. You can use "Windows logo +Alt+ G" for full-screen games to start and stop the recording.
1. Select the desired mode from the webcam, PC screen, and voiceover.
2. Press F9 or customize your Start/Stop Hotkey in Settings to stop recording.
3. Edit the recorded segment in the built-in editor and export it.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Game Lover
This software is very easy to use. It helps capture the game screen while I was playing. You can highlight the exciting moments in games and share the video with others.
I usually need to record a video and edit it to make my vlog, Filmora really meet my needs. It record the screen and webcam to export a good video and then the powerful video editing tools and effects really dazzled me. Great program!
Karen K
Marketing Manager
A handy tool for recording marketing videos. I used this tool to record product demo and social media post videos, it improves my working efficiency a lot. Moreover, the program is easy to use and export videos in high quality.
Remote learning is now a part of my daily work and a screen recorder for PC really helped me out. Filmora’s screen recorder allows to record screen and face at the same time, which makes my lecture more clear.