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Mask and Blend

Use Filmora masking and blending mode to create a creative video clip. Just cover and mix video clips, you can get different video effects. Let’s get started now!
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Apply Mask and Blend Effects to Make Your Videos More Impressive

How can Filmora mask and blend effect help in video creativity? Filmora masking and blending are easy-to-use and filled with resourceful modes. Can't wait to explore the highlights of the Filmora blend and mask effect? Let’s go!

Mask Layer to Create Magic

Filmora image masking feature allows you to select a specific piece of video or use video overlays to hide, duplicate, reveal or modify your footage. You can choose whatever rectangle, triangle, heart-shaped, drop shape, flower shape, and more to cover the video objects. Or you can import the shape as you like. Besides, adjusting the mask place, width, height, and feather effect is piece of cake.

Mixed Video Clips for Creativity

Filmora mixed blend function helps to combine your clips together using its present settings like transparency color values and brightness. There are some purposes of using layer blending mode: fill text, change background, fix overexposure, sync two images, etc. In the process of editing, you can easily adjust the opacity of the blending styles.

Up to 18 Blending Modes to Choose

There are 18 blending modes in Filmora blender, you can select “Darken” to replace the scene, you can apply “Multiply” to fix the overexposure problem, you can use “Linear Dodge” to remove black pixels. Download Filmora to find out more blending styles.

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