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Color Match

Improve your efficiency of matching color across multiple clips with Filmora color match features right now.
Win 11 /Win 10 / Win 8 / Win7 (64 bit OS) | System Requirements
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macOS 10.14 - macOS 12 (10.13 or earlier? Click here) | Apple M1 compatible
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Make Color Match Easier

Unify your video clips color with simple steps & Improve your efficiency to color match

Extract and Apply Your Desired Color

With Filmora color match function. You can get color settings from a clip screen in 1 click & adjust your color easily. Then quickly apply them to the entire batch of clips, making your desired color for the whole video.

Make One Consistent Look

Filmora intelligently adds filters to match appropriate colors. The whole picture and video will be unified and coordinated. Besides, you can choose the level of color match from 1% - 100 %, making your picture and video more creative you want.

Adaptive Scene Change, Improve Editing Efficiency

No matter what devices you use to make video No matter what original color of the scene Try Filmora to change and unify the color with the scene by applying color match function & Saving your time and efforts in color adjustment.

How to Use Color Match?