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Color Match for Windows

This guide introduces how to apply Color Match to your videos on Windows. Color Match is widely used to match the color between different shots to create a consistent look across your videos. It can improve the efficiency of color-correcting clips as a batch.

Apply Color Match to Videos on Windows

The followings are the steps for applying color match on your computer.

Step 1: Import the video

Launch the application first. Import the video from your computer or directly drag the clip to the processing interface.

Step 2: Activate the feature

Click the video in the timeline once. In the property panel on the right side of the screen, click Color > Basic. Then, click the button beside Color Match to launch the feature.

color match feature tab on windows
color match feature tab on windows
Step 3: Use the Comparison View

Click Comparison View to preview the video. Drag the progress bar to find the frame that has the exact color you want to match.

Step 4: Match the color

Click Match to automatically match colors. The current video would match the color in the reference video.

Step 5: Adjust the strength

Drag the slider in the property panel to change the strength of matching colors. The range of settings is from 0 to 100. When you finish adjusting the strength, click Ok.

Remove Color Match Adjustment

If you want to remove the adjustments, you can click Reset in the Color Match section. Then, the changes would be removed.