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Color Match

Color matching is used to match the color of current clip to the reference clip’s and create a consistent look across your videos. It is widely used when you have footage from different cameras, or to improve the color correction efficiency.

Apply Color Match

1. Import videos you want to match the color to the timeline. Move the play head to the clip you want to apply the matched color, double click it and then go to the Color panel to enable the Color Match option.

2. Click the Comparison View and you will see a Reference video on the left and a Current video on the right in the Preview window. The reference video contains the colors you want matching in the current target clip.

3. In the Reference preview window, use the playback control to find the frame that has the exact color you want to match.

color match interface
Color Match

4. Click the Match button to match the colors. And you will see the Current video has matched the color in the reference video.

5. Drag the Level slider to adjust the strength of the match colors. Click the undo icon to reset the color match if you don’t like the color in the Reference video, or click OK to apply the changes.

adjust color match
Adjust Color Match
It is recommended to do a normal color correction to the Reference video first before color matching if necessary.