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AI Copilot Editing for Windows

AI assistants play an essential role during editing, and with Filmora's new AI Copilot Editing feature, users can ask for valuable insights about their videos. It does not edit the video, which can be done using other AI and manual editing features. However, it tells you what is missing in a video to make it exceptional. Here is a guide about accessing and enabling this AI guiding feature of Filmora:

How to Access AI Copilot Editing?

There is one way of accessing this feature in Filmora, and this section will take you through a step-by-step procedure to use it.

Method : Using the Timeline Toolbar

Step 1: Create a New Project to Start

Download and launch Filmora on your desktop; then, navigate your cursor toward the "New Project" button and click it.

create a new project on filmora
Create a new project on filmora
Step 2: Access the AI Copilot Feature

Once you are in Filmora’s editing interface, locate the timeline toolbar and navigate towards it. From the given options, choose the "AI Copilot" feature.

click the ai copilot button
Click the ai copilot button
Step 3: Ask the AI Copilot

Doing this will enable AI copilot editing, and a new window named Filmora Copilot will appear. It looks like a chatbot, and users can ask it for suggestions during video editing. This feature will analyze your video and suggest visual enhancements or other elements to uplift your video. Click the "Ask AI" button after asking for a query.

ask the copilot for suggestions
Ask the copilot for suggestions
Step 4: Access Specific Functions From AI Copilot Feature

If you ask the AI Copilot feature about a particular function in Filmora, it not only answers but also provides a respective direction to the feature. Easily click the button appearing to access the respective feature. You can also copy the provided answer using the "Copy" icon on the same screen.

access features directly from ai copilot
Access features directly from ai copilot