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Compound Clip for Windows

Users can try out one of the new functionalities in Filmora, navigating under the name of compound clip. This feature combines two separate videos, allowing users to edit them simultaneously. If you have also taken multiple shots and want to apply the same effects and filters on them, learn how to make a compound clip here:

Making a Compound Clip

If you also want to bring smoothness and consistency to your videos using the compound clip feature, follow the step-by-step guide given below:

Method 1: Using the Top Toolbar
Step 1: Create a New Project

Once you download Filmora and log in to your account, navigate towards the left side panel and click the "Create Project" option. This will bring up many tabs on the main screen; find and choose the "New Project" option.

create a new project on filmora
create a new project on filmora
Step 2: Import Clips and Place in the Timeline Panel

Upon accessing the editing window of Filmora, press the "Ctrl+I" keys on your keyboard simultaneously and select clips from your device to upload. After a successful media import, bring the clips to a similar timeline track using the drag-and-drop action.

bring clips to timeline track
bring clips to timeline track
Step 3: Create a Compound Clip

Once the clips are in the timeline panel, select both and navigate towards the top toolbar. From the given tabs, select "Tools", and from the dropdown menu, choose "Create Compound Clip". This will open a pop-up window, name your compound clip, and click "OK".

access compound clip from files bar
Access compound clip from files bar
Step 4: Save the Compound Clip

If you want to save this compound clip, navigate towards the timeline panel where your compound clip is and select it. Right-click on it, and from the options menu, select "Save as Compound Clip Custom".

save compound clip in filmora cloud
Save compound clip in filmora cloud
Step 5: Access Saved Compound Clip

This clip will be saved in Filmora’s cloud storage. To access it, navigate towards the top left panel and select the "Compound Clip" option. You can see your saved clip there.

access the saved compound clip
Access the saved compound clip
Method 2: From the Timeline Control Menu

After dropping the media into the timeline panel, select the clip in the timeline and right-click on it. From the control panel appearing, click the "Create Compound Clip" option. Further, name your clip and click "OK".

activate compound clip functioning
Activate compound clip functioning

Navigating Through Compound Clips

Once you have created compound clips in your Filmora project, the platform offers proper timeline management. To understand more about how compound clips work once created, the steps below are to ease the idea:

Step 1: Access Compound Clips in Main Timeline

Once you have created the compound clips in Windows, they are not only displayed in the media tab but are also properly shown across the timeline. After creating compound clips, the timeline toolbar starts displaying the layering in the video timeline. When you are in the "Main Timeline" layer, you can view all the clips as a compound clip.

view compound clip in main timeline
View compound clip in main timeline
Step 2: Open Up Compound Clip in Timeline

On changing the tab to the respective compound clip from the dropdown menu, the clips combined in the compound clip are displayed in the same manner they were combined. This helps you in switching through your video editing easily and make significant changes easily.

navigate into compound clip in timeline
Navigate into compound clip in timeline