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Add Animation Keyframing for Windows

This guide shows how to add and edit keyframes in your video.

Keyframes are used in wide-ranging, including split screens, color grading, text editing, special effects, etc. It can also be saved as a preset custom, which you can quickly apply to multiple objects.

In terms of animations, you can use keyframing to create your customized one. Keyframes allow you to set the value of several points and give you smooth animation over time.

Add Keyframes

The followings are guides to adding a keyframe in a video.

Step 1: Import the media

Launch the application and import media as prompted. Or you can drag the clip from your files or the library directly to the timeline.

Step 2: Launch the Keyframe feature

Click once on the clip, and the property panel will appear on the right side of the interface. Click Video > Basic and click on the diamond icon to set a keyframe. All features with a diamond icon can be added to the keyframe.

Step 3: Add keyframes

Drag the progress bar to where you want to add the start keyframe. Click the diamond icon in the property panel to set the keyframe.

windows activate keyframes in the transform tab
windows activate keyframes in the transform tab
There is an exclusive keyframe icon in the timeline toolbar. You only need to place the playhead where to add a keyframe and click the icon. Once click on it, all the keyframe values will be selected automatically.
windows add keyframes in the timeline
windows add keyframes in the timeline

Edit Keyframes

Here are the steps to edit keyframes after adding them.

Step 1: Adjust the parameters

You can change the parameters, both in and out of the property panel. Drag the slider, adjust the values of each setting, or simply apply features, to meet your needs. The followings are some of the features you can set in a keyframe.

Video: It includes Basic settings, such as Transform, Compositing, Drop Shadow, Auto Enhance, Mask, AI Tools, and Animation.

Audio: You can make an audio adjustment at one keyframe, including Volume, Sound Balance, Fade In, Fade Out, Pitch, and Equilizer.

Titles: In addition to the basic keyframing effects, you can add animations to the whole title group or separately to each object therein if there are 2 or more title particles in the same group.

windows keyframes for two titles
windows keyframes for two titles

Effects: All the elements, including the Openfx effects, can be set in a keyframe. You can explore and discover the effect you like from the Filmora huge online effects stock.

Stickers and Split Screen: You can add keyframes to customize your animation of a sticker or the split screen.

Step 2: Add other keyframes based on your needs

After setting one keyframe, you can see a diamond icon on the timeline. Then, drag the progress bar to another point where you want to apply another animation feature. It can be a keyframe representing the end of the animation or another animation effect. Adjust the parameters based on your needs.

windows add the second keyframe
windows add the second keyframe
You need to add at least two keyframes with different parameters in the clip to activate the animation feature. Otherwise, it would be an effect remaining the same throughout the whole video.
Step 3: Save the changes

When you have added and edited all keyframes you want in the timeline, click Ok to save. The system will automatically analyze the change from one keyframe to another and export the effect with natural transformation.

Delete Keyframes

There are several methods to delete keyframes:

On the Property Panel
  1. To delete one parameter like Scale or Position in Transform, click the back or the diamond icon next to the parameter
  2. To delete all the parameters in a whole property like Transform, click the back or diamond icon at the right end of the Transform tab.
  3. To delete all the keyframe values, click Reset at the bottom of the section.
windows delete keyframes in the timeline
windows delete keyframes in the timeline
On the Timeline
  1. Right-click the diamond mark on the clip. When the icon turns yellow, select Delete Keyframe or Clear All Keyframes.
windows delete keyframes in the timeline
windows delete keyframes in the timeline