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Keyboard Shortcuts List

Use this handy list to reference keyboard shortcuts for Filmora and even print a PDF of the keyboard shortcuts. You can also use the visual keyboard layout to customize the shortcuts and assign multiple shortcuts to a command.

Keyboard Shortcuts List (Windows)

Here is a list of the default keyboard shortcuts supported by Filmora. You can configure via File > Keyboard Shortcuts. Learning a few of these shortcuts can save you a bunch of time!


Action Windows Shortcut
New Project Ctrl+N
Open Project Ctrl+O
Save Project Ctrl+S
Save Project As Ctrl+Shift+S
Archive Project Ctrl+Shift+A
Import Media Files Ctrl+I
Record Voice-Over Alt+R
Preferences Ctrl+Shift+,
Exit Alt+F4
Add a New Folder Ctrl+Alt+N


Action Windows Shortcut
Undo Ctrl+Z
Redo Ctrl+Y
Cut Ctrl+X
Copy Ctrl+C
Paste Ctrl+V
Delete Del
Ripple Delete Shift+Del
Close Gap Alt+Del
Select All Ctrl+A
Copy Effects Ctrl+Alt+C
Paste Effects Ctrl+Alt+V
Duplicate Ctrl+D
Select Clip Range X
Cancel the selected range Shift+X
Nudge Left Alt+Left
Nudge Right Alt+Right
Nudge Up Alt+Up
Nudge Down Alt+Down


Action Windows Shortcut
Edit Properties Alt+E
Split Ctrl+B
Trim Start to Playhead Alt+[
Trim End to Playhead Alt+]
Crop and Zoom Alt+C
RotAlte 90 CW Ctrl+Alt+Right
RotAlte 90 CCW Ctrl+Alt+Left
Group Ctrl+G
UnGroup Ctrl+Alt+G
Uniform Speed Ctrl+R
Add Freeze Frame Alt+F
Detach Audio Ctrl+Alt+D
Mute Ctrl+Shift+M
StabilizAltion Alt+S
Color Correction Ctrl+Shift+C
Chroma Key Ctrl+Shift+G
Red Marker Alt+1
Orange Marker Alt+2
Yellow Marker Alt+3
Green Marker Alt+4
Cyan Marker Alt+5
Blue Marker Alt+6
Purple Marker Alt+7
Grey Marker Alt+8
Select All Clips With Same Color Mark Alt+Shift+`
Render Preview Enter
Add keyframe Alt+Left Click
Previous Keyframe [
Next Keyframe ]
Motion Tracking Alt +X
Color Match Alt +M
Keyboard Shortcuts Ctrl+ Alt +K
Insert Shift+I
Overwrite Shift+O
Replace Alt+Mouse Drag
Rename F2
Reveal In Explorer Ctrl+Shift+R
Apply Alt +A
Add To Favourite Shift+F
Keyframing Alt+K
Crop to Fit Ctrl+F
Add Audio/Video Keyframe Alt+Left Click
Select Mode V
Open AudioRemix Mode S
Close AudioRemix Mode Shift+S


Action Windows Shortcut
Play/Pause Space
Stop Ctrl+/
Full Screen/Restore Alt+Enter
Previous Frame Left
Snapshot Ctrl+Alt+S
Previous Frame/Move Left Left
Next Frame /Move Right Right
Previous Edit Point/Move Up Up
Next Edit Point/Move Down Down
Go To Previous Second Shift+Left
Go To Next Second Shift+Right
Go To Previous Marker Shft+Up
Go To Next Marker Shift+Down
Go To Project Beginning Home
Go To Project End End
Go To Selected Clip Start Shift+Home
Go To Selected Clip End Shift+End
Zoom In Ctr+=
Zoom Out Ctrl+-
Zoom To Fit Timeline Shift+Z
Select Previous Ctrl+Left
Select Next Ctrl+Right
View Left Alt+Scroll Up
View Right Alt+Scroll Down
View Up Scroll Up
View Down Scroll Down


Action Windows Shortcut
Mark In I
Mark Out O
Clear In And Out Ctrl+Shft+X
Add Marker M
Edit Marker Shift+M


Action Windows Shortcut
Help F1
Export Ctrl+E

How to Set Up Shortcuts?

Many commands have keyboard shortcut equivalents to complete tasks with minimal mouse use. You can also create or edit keyboard shortcuts.

  • Go to File > Keyboard Shortcuts to see a list of available shortcuts.

Set Up Shortcuts
Set Up Shortcuts
Click on any shortcut to change it. You won’t be able to change it to anything already in use. Click Okay when you’re done to save your changes. You can restore the default shortcuts at any time by clicking Restore Defaults.

Switch to other shortcut presets

  • Go to File > Keyboard Shortcuts to change your shortcut presets from Final Cut Pro X or Premiere Pro.
Set Up Shortcuts