Split/adjust/mute/detach Audio

You can edit the audio clips in the Timeline as you see fit. The original clips are preserved.
In this following guide, you will learn how to:

1. Add Background Music

Adding background music to any video you create in Filmora will add a whole new dimension to your video. Filmora offers a variety of theme background music based on events to set up the right mood for your final video production.
Do one of the following to find a background music to compliment your movie.

Note: the music or sound effects are for personal and non-commercial video within Wondershare(s) software/app environment. To know more >>

  • Select Music from PC: Import a music track that's stored on your PC.
  • Click theimport music button above the media library panel to browse audio files in your computer, select and import them in the media library, or directly drag and drop the audio files to Media Library. Drag and drop them onto the Music Track in the Timeline panel.
  • Select Music from Filmora Soundtrack: Choose a song from an existing music library, available for free.
  • You can choose to add music to clips from the default music library. Here are 50 royalty free music offered by Filmora, Typcial events are YOUNG & BRIGHT, TENDER & SENTIMENTAL, ROCK, FOLK, ELECTRONIC. Select one of the events that suits your scenario, then select from music in the suggest section that compliments your video the most.

    select theme music

  • Do one of the following to add music to your clips

  • Select a background music and right-click, choose APPLY
  • Drag and drop the background music onto the Timeline
  • Once you've added music, double tap the music to bring out the music rendering window, where you can adjust the speed, volume, pitch of the music track. You can also apply a fade-in or fade-out effect, this will determine the length of the fade in and out from the edge of the clip.

    Note: You can add up to 3 audio tracks for background music

    add audio tracks

    2. Split Audio

    Move playhead to where you want to split an audio clip. Then right click the clip and select "Split" or click the Split button above on the toolbar.

    3. Adjust Audio

    Filmora enables you to adjust the default audio settings. Double click the audio file in the Timeline, and then you can adjust Speed, Volume and Pitch settings or apply Fade in/out effect by moving the pointer. Give it a listen when you are done, if you are not happy with the result, you can still click Reset to start all over.

    4. Mute Video Clip

    To mute the audio in a video clip, just right click the video and choose MUTE.

    Mute video clip

    5. Detach Audio from Video

    You can detach audio from a video clip. The original clip is preserved.

  • In the Timeline, select one or more clips containing audio.
  • Select Clip, right-click and choose DETACH AUDIO.
  • The detached audio clip will be automatically placed in the audio track, you can either choose to delete it or edit it for using.

    6. Add Voiceover

    Go to media library, select Record a voiceover under RECORD to bring up the Record Audio dialog.Click on start recording a voiceover and you will have 3 seconds of countdown to start speaking. Once finished, click stop recording a voiceover. The voiceover clip will automatically appear in the Timeline.

    record voice over

    If you want to record one more track of voiceover, stay in the Record Audio dialog, move the playhead to another position and click on start recording a voiceover to record.

    Tip: It's recommended to do the recording in about 10-second sessions, easier to remove a badly recorded narration and redo it. To remove, just right select the voiceover clip in the Timeline and choose DELETE.

    7. Trim audio file

    It is exactly the same way you trim the video clips. So please here to check the details.

    8. Music overlays

    Filmora enables you to overlay 3 audios and play them at the same time. Before that, please select Track Manager to activate all the music tracks first.After that,drag all the audios to music track 1,2,3 respectively.

    multi music lays

    9. Adjust audio volume

    After you drag and drop the audio file to the timeline, double click it, drag the slider to adjust volume directly. It enables you adjust the volume from 0~200. Lastly press OK to save the setting.

    Tips: If you only need to adjust the volume of certain section, you have to drag the slider to the start point and end point of this section, press the scissor icon to split the audio first. After that, select this certain section, double click it and do the adjustment.

    10. Fade in/out music

    Drag and drop the audio file to the timeline, double click it and drag the slider to select the duration. Lastly press OK to save the setting.

    11. Speed and pitch adjustments

    Drag and drop the audio file to the timeline, double click it and find the option to adjust the speed and pitch. Lastly press OK to save the setting.


    12. Replace the original audio of the video

    To remove the original audio and add a new audio to the video file, please follow below instructions

  • Click Import to load the video and audio files to the Media Library. Also drag and drop the video file onto the video track.
  • Select the video in the timeline, right-click and choose Audio Detach.
  • Then the audio part and the video part will be separated. Select the separated audio file and delete it.
  • Drag the new audio file from the Media Library to the audio track of the timeline. Meanwhile adjust the audio and move it to the place where you want it to be.
  • 13. Audio De-noise

    To remove the noise from the video, drag and drop the video to the video track (first track) of the timeline, double click it

  • Go to Audio tap.
  • Tick the option Remove background noise.
  • Drag the slider to different levels (Weak, Mid or Strong) to reduce the noise accordingly.
  • To remove the noise from the audio, drag and drop the audio to the timeline, double click it, and then follow the same way you do to the video to de-noise the audio.

    Note: Currently Filmora supports to reduce the stationary noise, such as wind noise, current noise...etc.


    14. Audio Equalizer (EQ)

    Audio Equalizer (EQ) enables you to raise and lower the strength of a sound wave so that you can achieve a good mix of sound that allows different instruments and vocals to sound good together. Please follow below instructions to check how it works.

  • Drag and drop the video/audio to the timeline. If it is a video, please put it to the video track(first line) of the timeline. If it is an audio, please drop it to the audio track.
  • Double click the video/audio, go to Audio section.
  • You can directly select the presets in the dropdown list of Equalizer, including Default, Classic, Low Bass, Sparkle, Pop, Rock' n' Roll, Soft, Techno, Hard Rock, Ska, Country, Acoustic, Folk, Blues, Custom. Or you can Select Customize button and access the Customizer Equalizer window to adjust the gain by dragging the sliders up or down.
  • Select OK button to save the adjustments.
  • audio-equalizer

    15. Audio Mixer

    To use the Audio Mixer, please follow these instructions:

  • Select hit-audio-mixer on the tool bar.
  • Find the track that is highlighted in deep purple, start switching the sound between the left and right speakers by rolling the small circles in the pan. You can also go to master section and adjust the master volume to be higher or lower accordingly. After adjustment, press Play button to get the instant result.
  • Select OK to save the settings.
  • audio-mixer-adjustment