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Logo Reveal For Windows

Wondershare Filmora believes in building brand value through various media-influenced elements. One such element is the logo itself, which creates the entire brand setting. Recently, Wondershare Filmora has observed the introduction of a feature that transforms an existing logo into an animated logo, an enhanced and improved version of their previous brand setting.

How To Use Logo Reveal Feature in Wondershare Filmora?

Users looking to create logo brand videos should consider opting for this feature to create automated animations instantly. Not only does it save time, but it also reduces the cost of creating such animations. Provided next are the steps to utilize the intuitive feature of logo reveal to create animated logos using Filmora:

Step 1. Access Influence Kit in Wondershare Filmora

Start the process by creating a new video project on Wondershare Filmora by clicking “New Project.” This leads you to an editing window where you should look for the “Influence Kit” section in the “Media” tab.

access influence kit filmora
Access Influence Kit Section on Filmora

Step 2. Select Desired Effect For Logo Animation

While you reside in the “Start Creating” sub-section, select "Start Creating" under the “Brand Transmission, Logo Reveal.” A new window pops up, which requires you to select an appropriate effect for the animated logo.

start creating by selecting the effect
Select Desired Effect

Step 3. Add Logo and Set Text To Create

After selecting an effect and clicking “Start Creating” on the bottom right, you need to add your logo image. Consequently, set the text to be displayed in the logo reveal animation across the "Edit Text” section. With all edits completed, click “Finish” to conclude the creation of an animation for your logo, which will be added to the timeline across Filmora for further use.

add logo and change text</strong></p>
Add Logo and Set Text