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Video Editing Ruler – Windows

Filmora is known for providing ease to video editors on the overall scale. There are multiple video editing tools available that support ease of use and guide users to efficient video editing. However, for scaled editing across a video through rulers, there is a recent addition to Filmora, which helps with layout settings through such visual editing.

How To Use Video Editing Ruler in Filmora?

While working on your video editing project, if it comes to managing a specific layout within the video at different time instances, you might have to scale it thoroughly. Filmora provides a video editing ruler that helps create reference lines as guides for assisting with the layout. To figure out how it is done effectively, look through the step-by-step instructions provided:

Step 1. Import Video To Filmora

As you initiate working on Filmora, set up a new video project using the "New Project" button. Proceed to the video editing interface and use the "Import" button to add your content.

add video to filmora
Import Video To Filmora

Step 2. Access Video Ruler on Filmora

With your video added to Filmora, drag it across the timeline for further editing. To access the video ruler, lead to the preview window within Filmora and right-click your mouse or trackpad. Look for the "Ruler" option in the drop-down menu and click to activate it. Similarly, you can use the "CTRL + P" shortcut key for activating this option. This will display the ruler across the preview window to act as reference lines.

look for ruler option
Access Video Ruler on Filmora

Step 3. Create a New Reference Line

To create new reference lines within your video preview, you can go to the same drop-down menu and find the "Guides" option. In the protruding menu ahead of it, click the "Add Guide" option to open a new pop-up window. You'll have to set up the "Color," "Direction," and "Position" of the reference line before clicking "OK."

create new reference guide
Create a New Reference Line

Step 4. Hide or Lock Reference Lines of Video Ruler

While creating new reference lines, there are multiple ways to manage them across Filmora. If you want to remove all reference lines from the display, use the “Hide Guides” option. Furthermore, if you have to restrict these reference lines across a specific point, the “Lock Guides" option would do the trick.

hide or lock reference lines
Hide or Lock Reference Lines of Video Ruler