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Think Bigger From Filmora User Guide

Add and Modify Audio

Learn how to add, adjust, remove, and favorite audio.

Add audio

Adding audio can drastically change the tone of your video. Filmora provides a royalty-free music library you can access within the program or import your own music.

Here are two ways to add audio to your videos:

The music and sound effects found within Filmora are for personal and NON-COMMERCIAL use only. Learn More >>

1 Import Audio from your Computer

  • Select an audio file stored on your PC and bring it into Filmora.
  • Click the “Import Media” button above the Media Library panel, then browse the audio files on your computer.
  • When you find the song or other audio file you want, please select it and import it into the Media Library.
  • You can also drag and drop audio files into the Media Library.
  • From there, you can drag and drop your audio into an Audio Track in the timeline.
Import the audio
Import the audio

2 Using Audio from Filmora

The audio library has 200+ songs divided into five categories: YOUNG & BRIGHT, TENDER & SENTIMENTAL, ROCK, FOLK, and ELECTRONIC. There are also sound effects available under SOUND EFFECT. Explore more audio effects to add fun and variety to your video, and turn your audio into a robot, child, diving sounds etc., with the new audio effects.

Here are still two ways you can add music from the audio library to your video:

  • Select audio, right-click, and choose to Apply
Apply the audio
Apply the audio
  • Drag and drop the audio into the Timeline.
Drag and Drop the audio
Drag and Drop the audio

Adjust Audio

Once you've added your music, double-click on the music in the timeline to bring up the Audio window. In this window, you can adjust the volume and pitch of the music. You can also make audio keyframing(fade in and fade out) for your music.

Remove Audio

Select the audio you want to remove from the timeline and hit Delete on your keyboard.

Or right-click on the audio in the timeline and select DELETE from the menu.

Favorite Audio

  • Right-click on the audio in the Audio menu and choose to Add to Favorites.
  • Or choose the audio you like. You will see a “heart” shape on the top right; click the “heart” in red.
  • You can check your favorite audio on the left - Favorites.