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AI Text-to-Video for Windows

Filmora V13's new feature, AI Text-to-Video, can create videos based on scripts and prompts. In this guide, we will explore how to access this generative AI function and initiate it.

Supported Text Languages:

Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional/HK), Chinese (Traditional/TW), Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish

How to Enable AI Text-to-Video Functionality?

In Filmora, there are usually many ways to access a function and give commands, so here is a step-by-step guide to its AI Text-to-Video functionality:

Step 1: Open Filmora and Choose AI Text-to-Video

As Filmora is a desktop tool, you'll need to download it first. After successfully launching Filmora, open it and click on the "AI Text-to-Video" option from the main display.

select AI text-to-video tab
Select AI text-to-video tab
Step 2: Add a Prompt/Script

By activating this functionality, the AI Text-to-Video window will appear in which you must add a prompt. Users can add a prompt of up to 1000 characters. After adding the prompt, modify other settings such as "Text Language", "Video Ratio", and "Video Voice". Now, click the "Text to Video" button at the bottom to start the process and show its progress in a new pop-up window.

add script and tap to generate
Add script and tap to generate
Step 3: Use the AI-generated Content

While you can provide your own prompts to Filmora's AI functionality, you can also use AI-generated content to your own ease. Click the "Generated by AI" button on the top to navigate to a new window. Select the type of text you wish to generate from the provided list, add a "Text Topic", and provide details in the space, if necessary. Click "Generate Text" to get an AI-generated script against the provided topic.

generate script from AI
Generate script from AI
Step 4: Preview the Generated Video

Once the process completes, Filmora's editing window will appear, where the video is automatically added to the timeline and displayed on the preview screen. You can play the video to see if it is up to your expectations and make changes through the timeline. Click the "Export" button at the end to download this AI-generated video to your device.

preview your video and export it
Preview your video and export it