How to Separate Audio from Video

Mar 02,2020• Proven solutions

Want to separate the audio and video track in a video clip to get the music file only? Or need to add another audio file to the original video frame? In this article, you’ll find how easy it is to detach audio from video to make your own MP3s. No matter it’s a music video, TV show, or concert video, you can make your own MP3 file of the fantastic piece of music for enjoyment on the go. Check the step by step guide below to separate you audio from video.

To begin with, get a free trial of Wondershare Filmora9.

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1. Load your media files

Run this audio separator, choose 16:9 or 4:3 ratio as per your needs to enter into the editing mode. Then click Import to add videos, audio and photos from your file folder on computer. Note that this program is highly compatible with various formats, so you can maintain the original quality when editing them frame by frame.

After you import videos, drag and drop them to the Timeline. By default, all files in Video Timeline will be merged together without any gap.


2. Separate audio from video in a click

Now right click the video file you want to extract audio track, and select "Detach Audio". Immediately, you'll notice an audio file appears on the audio track. Yes this is the original audio file from the source video. 


Now you’ve separated the audio track from video file successfully. Want to add another audio file to it? Yes, it’s very common to add some instructions or narration to your recorded video to make yourself more clear, or create some funny things to share with family or friends. To do this, you can refer to more details from this tutorial: How to add music/background music to video.

3. Save the separated video or audio

Since the audio was separated from the video track, you can simply delete the audio or video track you don't need and add the new audio you want. Then hit "Export" to save the audio track to a new MP3 file, or directly select "iPod" preset to play on the go.

Tips: If you want to keep the split video frame or audio track separately in a new file, you'll need to save it to a project file on your hard drive first. When you complete the audio track export, reload the project file that contains the video frame, then export it to a new video file.


Bonus tips:
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