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Preset Templates

Easy start with built-in Filmora video Template to make a creative video. You can also save your video templates on the cloud and exchange them with other creators!
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Save Your Time with Filmora Preset Templates

Easily make a video by applying Filmora Preset Templates or creating one of your and saving it for your next use.

1000+ Templates to Create a Video Effortlessly

Filmora provides 1,000+ templates for you to create a video for all occasions: travel, gaming, festival, wedding, education, family, social media, popular trends, e-commerce, ads, etc. Your personal or commercial demands can be easily satisfied.

Replace the Videos and Pictures of Your Own

You can also insert or change the clips on the video and audio track according to your needs, making your video more unique and shining. After that, you can save them in the template next time to use.

Create and Share Your Own Preset Templates with Others in Ease

Want to share your Preset Templates with others? It is easy with Filmora! You can share your customized Preset Templates with your colleague or friends to help them quickly create a video like yours.