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AI Sticker Generator

Easily create high-quality custom stickers with Filmora AI sticker generator. Just describe your sticker ideas, and let AI unlock new possibilities for self-expression, branding, and creative projects.
Win 11 /Win 10 / Win 8 / Win7 (64 bit OS) | System Requirements
macOS 10.15 - macOS 14 (10.14 or earlier? Click here) | Apple M1 & M2 compatible

Bring Your Stickers to Life

Create stunning stickers for screen and print with Filmora's AI Sticker Generator.


Have you ever wanted your own stickers but don’t know where to start? Using advanced AI techniques and machine learning algorithms, Filmora creates stunning stickers in seconds. Just describe your vision, and let AI do the rest. Say goodbye to hours of tweaking - let the magic of AI take the wheel.
generate sticker from text

Any Way You Want It

Explore a wide range of sticker styles, from sleek minimalist vectors to charming sketches, illustrations, realistic designs, and intricate 3D renders. Whether you're crafting logos, icons, product mockups, character designs, or anything else, find a style that perfectly captures your creativity and personal expression.
multiple sticker styles supported

Stand Out with Custom Stickers

Filmora makes sticker creation a breeze. Simply follow the intuitive text prompts to bring your dream designs to life. The more detailed your input, the closer you get to seeing your creations take shape. Plus, Filmora provides a variety of customizable and ready-to-use stickers to let your creativity run wild.
customizable ai stickers

Spice Up Your Chats with Whatsapp Stickers

Filmora’s stickers fully integrate into Whatsapp, offering you complete customization options for all your groupchats. With features like automatic background removal, easy cropping, auto caption, and the option to add fun emojis or masks, designing cool stickers has never been easier.

The Best AI Sticker Generator for Everyone

ai stickers for messaging enhancement

Enhance Messaging Conversations

Design truly one-of-a-kind stickers that reflect your personalities, inside jokes, or creative visions. These custom-made stickers add a special flair to your conversations on WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, allowing you to express yourself in ways that go beyond words.
ai stickers for brand promotion

Professional-level Branded Stickers

With high-quality AI stickers, you can effortlessly make your brand shine brighter than ever and captivate your audience in a fun and engaging manner. Simply outline your desired sticker designs, whether it be logos, icons, patterns, or characters, and let the magic of Filmora AI work its wonders in seconds.
ai stickers for social engagement

Level Up Social Media Engagement

Add a unique touch to your social media with our innovative AI stickers. In posts, stories, or live streams, these stickers highlight your personality and creativity in a fresh way. Your audience will love the extra flair and emotion, making your content more memorable.
ai stickers for creative artworks

Perfect Your Creative Artworks

AI sticker creator is a game-changer for streamlining your creative process on web design, video creation, presentations, or digital artworks. It works faster than traditional sticker design methods, freeing up your time to perfect other important aspects of your project.

AI Sticker Generator FAQs

Filmora AI Sticker Generator is an advanced tool that uses AI to generate custom stickers based on text prompts. It is easy to use and make sticker creation accessible to all.
If you have a sticker design in mind, simply type out your vision to Filmora AI Sticker. See your idea come to life instantly, no advanced design skills needed.
Yes, the AI Sticker provides you with free credits for crafting unique stickers, allowing you to unleash your creativity without any cost.
Yes, you can fine-tune the AI-generated stickers until you're satisfied. You can adjust colors, shapes, styles, themes, or any other elements of the designs and re-generate the results.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Game Lover
This software is very easy to use. It helps capture the game screen while I was playing. You can highlight the exciting moments in games and share the video with others.
I usually need to record a video and edit it to make my vlog, Filmora really meet my needs. It record the screen and webcam to export a good video and then the powerful video editing tools and effects really dazzled me. Great program!
Karen K
Marketing Manager
A handy tool for recording marketing videos. I used this tool to record product demo and social media post videos, it improves my working efficiency a lot. Moreover, the program is easy to use and export videos in high quality.
Remote learning is now a part of my daily work and a screen recorder for PC really helped me out. Filmora’s screen recorder allows to record screen and face at the same time, which makes my lecture more clear.