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Keyboard Shortcut Presets

Speed up your editing with keyboard shortcut presets. Seamlessly switch keyboard shortcuts between Filmora, Premiere Pro, and Final Cut Pro.
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Speed & Precision at Your Fingertips

Speed up your editing experience with keyboard shortcuts using Filmora.

Default Keyboard Shortcuts

Use the most commonly used default keyboard shortcuts in Filmora for faster editing. You can learn or download those shortcuts in our Guide.

Continue Your Shortscut Habit

Enjoy smooth editing in Filmora without the need to give up your previous shortcuts habit. Easily choose the shortcut preset of Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro as you prefer.

Customize Keyboard Shortcuts

Create keyboard shortcuts to meet your specific needs. Customized shortcuts save your time and help you work more efficiently in Filmora.

Customize Keyboard Shortcuts NOW!

What Our Customers Say

I'm trying to be a good vlogger. Split-screen templates in Filmora are amazing! I can place multiple shots into one frame at the same time and present them all at once. This is super cool! My works have received positive feedback from many friends.
E-commerce Officer
Filmora has a great variety of split screen templates. Those in the Mock-up category are my favorites. I put the videos into the split screen frame to imitate product videos presented on mobile, PC,Tablet and other devices. That saves me a lot of time adjusting videos one by one.
The split-screen template function helped me get good grades on assignments. I used the split screen to display my classmates' profile pictures in a team presentation, and it worked perfectly! It made the editing incredibly simple.