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Instantly remove your video's green (or solid-colored) backdrop with the Filmora AI chroma key tool. Add a new video clip or image above the green screen video. Reimagine your world by changing backgrounds and creating special effects.
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Edit Green Screen Video with Freedom

A green screen provides great flexibility to shoot videos anytime and anywhere. And the Filmora green screen editor enables you to quickly key out the green color and cover it with another background. You can also add multiple visual effects to marvel your viewers. Applying the green screen effect to produce a professional-looking video is a cinch. The only limit is your imagination.

Change Background in Seconds

Creating realistic video scenes at your will is easy to complete with Filmora green screen removal. All you need to do is import the recorded green screen footage, click on the clip to access it and enable the Chroma Key feature.

Then, you'll see the background color disappears automatically in no time. To fine-tune the result, adjust the Tolerance, Edge Thickness & Feather and more just by dragging the sliders.

After that, insert an image or video layer below the keyed video. (If needed, choose a befitting background of top quality from the Filmora stock library.) The whole process of eliminating the green screen requires only a few quick clicks!

Impress Your Audience with Special Effects

Make full use of the Filmora video solution to reach your desired edits for free. Aside from utilizing chroma key effects to put the subjects in various virtual backgrounds and achieve a seamless composition, you can also edit further with numerous impressive effects by trimming, resizing the video clips, adding subtitles, logo, music, transitions, filters, and so forth. Do any edits to polish your green screen video without leaving Filmora!

Try Newest Green Screen in Filmora

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What Our Customers Say

I'm trying to be a good vlogger. Split-screen templates in Filmora are amazing! I can place multiple shots into one frame at the same time and present them all at once. This is super cool! My works have received positive feedback from many friends.
E-commerce Officer
Filmora has a great variety of split screen templates. Those in the Mock-up category are my favorites. I put the videos into the split screen frame to imitate product videos presented on mobile, PC,Tablet and other devices. That saves me a lot of time adjusting videos one by one.
The split-screen template function helped me get good grades on assignments. I used the split screen to display my classmates' profile pictures in a team presentation, and it worked perfectly! It made the editing incredibly simple.

Frequently Asked Questions about Green Screen

A green screen or chroma key is widely used as a video backdrop that can be replaced with any digital or virtual background of your choice. It is a powerful yet easy-to-handle visual effect applied by many video editors, filmmakers, vloggers, YouTubers, video game streamers, lecturers, etc.
You don't have to be a pro-level filmmaker to master chroma key techniques! Filmora green screen software allows you to swap out backgrounds effortlessly. Below is a quick guide:
Step 1. Download Filmora on your computer and upload your media.
Step 2. Go to the AI Tools tab and toggle on the Chroma Key option to remove the green background. Or, select the Color Eyedropper to pick and remove any color, blue, red, black, or others, as you like. Next, add a custom image or video as a new background.
Step 3. Export your masterpiece locally or post it across social media platforms in one click.
To quickly remove the messy background of your webcam video in different situations, you need to find the smartest option that suits your needs. 1. For live streaming: pick a decent streaming app like OBS to remove a non-green screen webcam background. 2. For video chatting: use video conferencing platforms' virtual background feature to delete the webcam background without a green screen. It also permits you to replace it with a more excellent image or video. 3. For video production: adopt an AI-powered video editor to edit the background of your webcam recording. Filmora is surely among the best. You can not only key out the camera background with a green screen but also accurately cut out any object you need from the video background without relying on it. Removing the webcam background is just a matter of seconds in Filmora. Download Filmora for Windows; Download Filmora for Mac