Where to Get Free Green Screen Background for YouTube Videos

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Green screen or also known as chroma key is used when you swap the background of a video with another background. In the front scene, the color range is kept transparent, so that another video made background or image can be fitted into the scene. This technique is being used in various fields such as for creating special effects in the films and in video games and most commonly used in broadcasting the weather forecast. It provides you the opportunity to create fancy YouTube videos without forming an expensive set or going to a distant location and will reduce your cost! You can shoot your video at any place, at any time you want and then you can just swap the background with a fancy animation!

How to make and employ a green screen background

The core objective is to have a smooth one colored background which is easy to replace in post-production. Since the green screen is employed in the film industry on a mega scale, professional green screen kits are quite expensive. Hence it is much more feasible that a DIY solution is employed for the required results.

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For a good quality result from a DIY green screen, you need to take care of the following items:

Screen Quality

Green screens can be wall painted with chroma key, a large sheet of cloth hung without any creases or a portable setup canvas that can cover the given area.


The most important thing to be kept in mind is that your background should be lit evenly. Any shadows on the background should be avoided. The distance of the subject should be at least ten feet from the background, to minimize any kind of shadow.

How to use the green screen in video

The next step is to utilize your video shot in the video. The best software for personal and non-professional use is filmora. It allows you to import and work on videos shot in any format (AVI, MPEG, MKV, MP4 etc.) and seamlessly integrates your video with the background.

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Top 10 site for free green screen video footage.

1. Artbeats

Artbeats is one of the top royalty-free stock footage providing websites. Artbeats contains numerous kinds of footage that can be utilized in your movie needs.

2. Green Layers

As the name suggests, Green Layers is primarily dedicated to the provision of green screen footage.

3. Footage Firm

Footage Firm has numerous green screen stock footage is available for use on the site. You are not required to pay any licensing or research fee.

4. Stock Footage For Free

The footage is categorized according to various possible needs of users so you can easily look up your requirement.

5. Detonation Films

Detonation films contain one of the best content for 4K stock video with green screen.

6. Visual Effects For Directors

This website is an absolute treasure hold for best green screen footage shots that have been filmed and compiled.

7. Timeline GFX

Timeline GFX has a good site ranking and is a home to various kinds of green stock footage.

8. Pond 5

Pond 5 provides all kinds of royalty-free green screen footage. They give away free clips weekly and can be downloaded totally free.

9. Always HD

If you are looking for high definition footage of any kind, especially the green screen, Always HD will be you one stop shop.

10. Archive.org

Archive.org is an internet archive for some of the best green screen footage available.

Here is Top 10 Music Videos with Terrible Green Screen:

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