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What's YouTube Creative Commons and How to Use it to Make Video

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Creative Commons is a non-profit organization internationally active in providing free licenses that creators can use in order to make their work available to the public. With the creative commons (CC) licenses, the creator has basically given others permission in order to use their work but under specific conditions.

Whenever a work is created, an article or a photograph was taken, there is a copyright that protects it so that it cannot be used in certain ways. On the other hand, the CC licenses allow the creator to choose how they would want others to use their creativity.

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Part 1: What is YouTube Creative Commons

YouTube utilizes CC licenses in its content. With it, the content creators can grant others to use their work as sort of a standard. YouTube users can use the Creative Commons CC BY license in marking their videos. When they use the CC By license, the system will generate a signature to the video automatically. This indicates that you are using Creative Commons content and will show the source video’s titles below the video player. The creator retains the copyright of the video while others can reuse your video but under the terms of the license.

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Part 2: How to Find Creative Commons (CC) Licensed Videos

If you are looking for Creative Commons licensed videos, there are different ways or rather, different websites you can go to. These websites are the best place you can find CC-licensed videos and ensure that what you are sharing is legal.

    • YouTube– YouTube is one of the most common websites you can find CC licensed videos. The easy way to search for CC licensed videos on YouTube is simply to search 'creative commons' to the end of the search term you are going for.

youtube creative commons

  • Vimeo – This site offers different licenses complete with an explanation for each in the right side of the main page. Underneath each license, you can find a link to browse all the videos of the specific type of license you chose. You can also search using the Advance Option to find the right video you are looking for.
  • SpinXpress – Lets you search for CC licensed videos using just a search term and the kind of Creative Commons license you are looking for. As long as it’s one of the sources they use, you can also specify the media source of the video.

Part 3: Can You Download Creative Commons-licensed YouTube videos to Edit

Many people are asking that can I edit creative commons videos? Well, this is a tricky question because it really depends on what creative commons license is used. If the video is CC-BY, it is no doubt that you can download and edit it. CC-BY-SA means you can edit video under the condition of you also allow others to edit it after you upload it to YouTube. If it is non-commercial, you are definitely not allowed to edit it.

Part 4: How to Use YouTube Creative Commons to Make Videos

YouTube Creative Commons provides you a simple way of using creative works to make your own videos. All you simply need is the YouTube Video Editor and the expanded library of Creative Commons videos o YouTube. There you can choose what videos to edit and then incorporate in your own projects. To find what videos to use, you simply have to search in the YouTube search bar from YouTube Video Editor.

Visit and then select CC tab to get started. In order to mark your video with CC license, select the ‘Creative Commons Attribution license’ on the Video Description page or upload page. When using a Creative Commons content to incorporate in your video, you will see the source title of the videos underneath your video player. With that a well, any or all of the videos you used with Creative Commons license, others will be able to share and remix your own creation as long as they give credit for your work.

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Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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