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How to Edit Title, Description, and Tags for YouTube Videos

In this article, we are going to show you how to edit the title, description, and tags of your YouTube video. Keep in mind that you can do the editing before or after uploading the video to the social network site.

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How to Add YouTube Title, Description, and Tags for a New Video

  • Step 1. The first thing you need to do is to sign into your YouTube account.
  • Step 2. Then click the Upload button that’s found on the top right corner of the window.
  • Find Upload option

  • Step 3. Then select the video that you want to upload. You will be asked to add a title, description, and tags.
  • Add title, description and tags

  • Step 4. After uploading, you can still edit the YouTube title, description, and tags.

How to Change YouTube Title, Description, and Tags for a Published Video

There are times when you want to change the title, description or a tag of an already published video. The good news is that YouTube allows you to reedit them whenever you want to.

  • Step 1. Log into your YouTube account
  • Step 2. Left click the account name found at the top right-hand corner of the screen. Then you will have a dropdown menu. Select Video Manager to show a list of your uploaded videos.
  • Locate Video Manager

  • Step 3. Click the Edit button that’s found right next to the video that you want to modify. In the Video Information, you can now change the title, description or any of the tags. Click on the Save Changes button when you are done.

Why YouTube Title, Description and Tag are Important

The title is the most powerful element of the video post. The words that appear near the start of the video give viewers the ideal of what the video is about. It is important that you use the primary keywords in the title. The title should be accurate and descriptive. It must be able to explain what the video is about in just a single sentence. Keep in mind that a YouTube title can only have 100 characters.

The description helps in determining the rank of the video in the search results. Some people tend to leave it blank, which will bring negative effects to the ranking of the video. To optimize the description, you should use keywords in it. It should also be descriptive and unique. You should also include links to your website or social media accounts in the description.

Tag is an important element of any YouTube video. It helps YouTube in classifying the video. It is recommended to use as many relevant tags as possible. Use terms that you might think people will use to search for the video.

1. Tips on Editing YouTube Title

Titles are advertisements for the video. They also have a huge impact on SEO. It is important that you keep the YouTube title short. Keep in mind that only 50 characters are displayed in video result in Google search, 60 characters in regular search, and 55 characters within YouTube search.

If you want to emphasize on a word, then type it in caps. You can also use some characters such as arrows or stars. You should not use “stop” words, such as the, a, and and. Or you can replace them with shortened versions, such as w/ for with and & for and.

When creating the YouTube, you should consider what’s being talked about at present; current events will bring more people to the video. And if you can come up with something better in the future, go back and re-title the video.

2. Tips on Editing Description

The description of the video must help viewers and YouTube understand what the video is about. The most important parts of the description must be placed up front. Keep in mind that only around 157 characters are seen on the watch page that’s above the “Show More” button. The main keyword must be placed at the start of the description. Not only that, you should also include other relevant keywords that viewers might also use to search for the video.

3. Tips on Editing Tags

Just like the description, tags help users find the video when searching YouTube. When users input the keywords relevant to the tags, the video will be seen in the search results. The online video sharing site has an Auto-Suggest feature for tags; use it.

You can use the YouTube keyword suggestion tool, https://ads.youtube.com/keyword_tool, to get keywords from your competitors’ videos. The tool can also be used to generate suggestions based on your main keyword, just like the Adsense external tool.

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