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Top 10 BEST FREE YouTube Thumbnail Makers

Mar 21,2020• Proven solutions

Video thumbnails are vital to get your videos more views. Many successful YouTubers make really nice thumbnails which help them get lots of views and thus tons of subscribers.

If you are searching for software tools that can assist in creation of YouTube Video Thumbnails then you are at right page because the details available below will provide you complete information about top 10 highly rated YouTube Thumbnail Makers on both desktop and mobile devices. Some of them are free to create YouTube Thumbnail, others may need to pay to get more advanced features. Besides, I'll also show you how to create a thumbnail in Filmora9 video editor in details.

Before we get started, here are some tips on How to Make a YouTube Thumbnail from our team. To make a good thumbnail, you can try Filmora9 since it provides various effects and presets and templates, even including some YouTube Intro templates. Download Filmora9 and have a try.

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Part 1: 10 BEST FREE YouTube Thumbnail Makers for Windows/Mac/Online/Android/iPhone/iPad

In this part, we will share with you some Free YouTube Thumbnail Makers that you can use. Some of them are online solutions which means there is no need to download, some of them can be downloaded on Windows or Mac computers.

If you prefer to edit videos on mobile devices, then it is good to have an app that allows you to create video thumbnail for YouTube videos. So in this part, we have included some video thumbnail maker apps that you can use on iPhone and Android phones.

1. Canva

It is a free thumbnail maker that can be accessed from its official website at This Video Thumbnail Maker is really useful for graphic designers as it offers incredible features. The simple to use drag and drop type functions are really wonderful and the effects available for your Thumbnail Creation include free stock type photos, Illustrations, Lines, Shapes, Frames, Grids, Background and Text etc. The quick customer support facility is really appreciable. Note: You need to sign up to use the thumbnail templates.

Main Features of this free YouTube Thumbnail Maker:

  • It offers customized YouTube thumbnail design
  • You can change images, colors and fonts easily
  • You can get more styles and templates if you pay
  • Registration needed

Available :

2. PicMonkey

picmonkey youtube thumbnail maker

This online thumbnail maker provides numerous filters, exclusive overlays, fonts, frames and extra beautifying touch up type tools to user with a single registration to Picmonkey’s premium membership. The exclusive effects like Ombre, zombify, premium fonts and Mirror are really good collection of this tool. Now you can easily design beautiful collage, edit your memories and create professional thumbnails with


  • As a youtube thumbnail maker, you also can touch up facial beautification
  • Design tools make creative logos
  • Provides 100+ designer-crafted thumbnail templates

Available :

3. Fotor

fotor youtube thumbnail maker

It is possible to get something outstanding even out of your simple content without making much effort because Fotor serves you with all advanced features and it covers attractive themes from all over the world. Fotor gives you an opportunity to re-discover your art and skills without any limitation as it offers all quick editing services online. It is very interactive and simple to use with all rich features, so even beginners who haven't made any thumbnail before can make a video thumbnail with it easily.


  • Your thumbnail will be saved on cloud
  • Fast processing speed while exporting your work
  • Provides YouTube thumbnail templates for different scenarios

Available :

4. Fotojet

fotojet youtube thumbnail maker

The online tool provides numerous facilities whereas it is preferably used for collage making, graphic designing and as a photo editor. With this advanced thumbnail creator tool now you can easily rotate, crop, resize or filter your images while creating direct posts for social media pages such as Instagram, Facebook etc. possesses more than 600 stunning collage making templates that are suitable for your special events.


  • It owns many templates for you to use
  • Easy to have high-quality thumbnail with only a few clicks
  • 3 Steps to make a YouTube thumbnail

Available :

5. Backgrounder

backgrounder youtube thumbnail maker

It gives you opportunity to design master pieces of customized professional art, avatars and thumbnails for videos on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter etc. It is simple to use and contains interactive user interface that is suitable for professionals as well as beginners.


  • It owns a community that you can share works with other people
  • The interface is extremely straightforward

Available :

6. iMovie:

imovie youtube thumbnail maker

This software tool is best suited for smartphones as it has a very interactive mobile phone version that allows easy editing features along with fast editing results. It is not rated to be so good for Macbooks but most of users love to store it on their portable devices for easy access to video thumbnail creations from anytime, at anywhere.


  • You can save your favorite monment later to edit
  • It is easy to connect keyboard for editing

Available :

7. Pixlr:


It is a specially designs app version of well known Pixlr website where you can feel free to add overlays to your thumbnails. The choice of filters is also good her with a high end resolution as compared to available online solutions.


  • Its free effects are a great source to come up with a new YouTube thumbnail
  • Comprehensive editing tools are handy to use every day

Available :

8. Photo Editor:

photo editor

Photo Editor is one of the most popular applications that assist users in easy addition of stickers, frames etc while it makes adjustment of redeye, brightness and sharpness much easier. Most of people love this application more due to its ability to create meme with available images and text for those images can be adjusted easily. Photo editor also makes it much easier to share edited stuff on Instagram and the quality of edited images use to be very high in this case.


  • Color splash is a great tool to brighten up your thumbnail
  • You can easily crop, rotate and flip

Available :

9. Insta Collage:

insta collage

The name of this application describes its most special feature that is it allows users to create wonderful collage within very less time. As this tool comes with easy editing and sharing feature so that users can have easy interface on other platforms too. There are lots of effects that can be added to images while designing thumbnails and it is rated to have outstanding quality of results.


  • Personalized layout will give you a catchy thumbnail
  • It owns 30 patterns and 18 frames to select

Available :

10. Cropic:


Here is one more application for you that you will need for easy customization as well as fast sharing to YouTube as well as Instagram. Users can bring all size types to this platform and it is also possible to add text at the time of editing. This tool is suggested for beginners as well as professionals due to its great results.


  • You can scale iamge by hands and cut it
  • Pro version is more powerful for supporting 1224x1224 pixels

Available :

With all these available software tools it becomes much easier to create video Thumbnails for YouTube . The easy to follow steps are well described in different articles on internet but first of all you need to make selection between weather you need to use online tool or wish to download app on your device.

For second case you need to spare some memory in your device whereas for first one it demands fast internet connection for easy services. Beside those specially designed YouTube Thumbnail makers, you can also create a thumbnail in Filmora9 if you've already installed it.

Part 2: How to Make YouTube Thumbnail in Filmora9?

Filmora9 is an easy to use and powerful video editing software for your YouTube videos , which allows you not only to cut, rotate, crop, reverse, or speed up your videos, but also to apply some advanced editing effects like green screen, PIP, audio editing etc. whithin clicks.

Here are several creative ways in making thumbnail in Filmora9. You can add your own image or background image to Filmora9 and then add some filters, texts, overlay, or elements to the photo, and then take a snapshot, since Filmora9 features the snapshot tool which allows you to pick up most attractive images from the video and use it as a video thumbnail.

Create YouTube Video Thumbnail with Photo

Thumbnail created from photo in Filmora9

Or, you can extract frames from video and use it as a thumbnail and upload it to YouTube later.

Extract Frame from Video and Use as Thumbnail

Thumbnail extracted from video footage in Filmora9

One more creative way is compositing video footage with the green screen feature.

Compositing with Green Screen to Make Thumbnail

Use Green Screen to Create Video Thumbnail in Filmora9

Where to find the thumbnail photo in Filmora9?

After clicking the Camera icon in Filmora9 to take screenshot, you can find the photos by right clicking the image in the Media library and then select Reveal in Explorer to check it.

Find Screenshots in Filmora9

As one of the best video editing software for YouTubers, Filmora9 can empower your imagination further.

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