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Watch 9 Free Full Length Christmas Movies On Youtube

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Jul 12, 2024• Proven solutions

If you are looking for Christmas entertainment this season you may be quick to look towards a provider like iTunes or Netflix to give you some excellent Christmas movies. The good news is that you can also find a number of excellent classic Christmas movies on YouTube. Accessing these movies on YouTube while to save your rental fees as well as make sure that you can have a steady stream of Christmas entertainment whoever you might be visiting over the holiday season. Here are some of the top 10 classic movies that you can find for free on YouTube right now.

1. The nutcracker 1990

The Nutcracker is a holiday classic that many people seek out every year on the stage. This family ballet classic was filmed by the Pacific Northwest ballet in a huge and lavish version of the production in 1986. This still stands as one of the best versions of the Nutcracker ever captured on film and you can watch it for free on YouTube. You can find the Nutcracker at :

2. A smoky mountain Christmas

A Smoky Mountain Christmas is a film from 1986 directed by Harry Winkler and starring Lee Majors and Dolly Parton. The full musical fairy tale can be found online on YouTube and it's about a country singer who is trying to spend a quiet Christmas holiday at home. She suddenly becomes involved with a mysterious mountain man, an evil witch and is forced to protect seven orphans over the holidays. This film can be found at:

3. Ernest saves Christmas

This film from 1989 features Jim Varney and his most famous character Ernest in a holiday Christmas movie that is an instant classic. This film is very funny and a favorite amongst some of the Ernest films for many. This Christmas movie from 1989 can be found at:

4. A Christmas story

A Christmas story has long been one of the favorite Christmas movies for many families. In this film from 1983 we travel back in time to a traditional 1940s Christmas. In this film we follow the nine-year-old Ralphie who is looking for the famous red Ryder BB gun for Christmas and will stop at absolutely nothing to get it. A Christmas story can be found at:

5. Richie Rich's Christmas wish

In this film from 1998 we hear the story of the richest kid in the world on Christmas. In this film we see the richest in the world wishing that he had never been born with the wish coming true. Richie needs to find himself a new wishing machine and a way out of the parallel universe he gets stuck in to get back to his family. You can find this film at:

6. On the second day of Christmas

This film stars the hulk Mark Ruffalo in one of his earlier roles as a store employee who catches a con woman trying to steal from a department store on Christmas. His character agrees to be responsible for the con woman and her niece over the holidays to prevent them from staying with social services. A romance develops! This 1997 film can be found at:

7. Santa Who?

Santa who is a film from the year 2000 starring Leslie Nielsen. In this holiday classic Santa suffers a severe case of amnesia on Christmas Eve and needs to recover for Christmas day in order to make it through and deliver presents to all of the good children of the world. See if Santa gets his Christmas memories back by watching Santa Who here:

8. A Christmas Carol

In this film from 1984 George C Scott brings to life the role of Ebenezer Scrooge from the perspective of the Charles Dickens novel. This is heavily been regarded as one of the most accurate versions to the Charles Dickens story. Although it may not have all of the special effects of some of the other versions of a Christmas carol this is still one of the favored versions of the story out there. You can watch this 1984 film here:

9. Miracle on 34th street

In this recreation of the original film from 1947 this shortened full-length version from 1955 per trade is the classic story of santa on trial. A department store Santa suggests that he's the real santa and goes on trial to prove it. In this version of miracle on 34th Street starring Thomas Mitchell and Macdonald Carey we learn who really believes in Santa Claus. You can find this classic film here:

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Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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