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10 Best Vlogmas YouTubers and Videos You Need to Know

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

With December knocking at the door, YouTubers are all set to come up with their best Vlogmas videos this season. This article will explain, if you want to learn more about Vlogmas.

From searching for Vlogmas inspirations to turning their ideas and experiences into videos, YouTubers are all set to create their best Vlogmas videos of 2019.

Want to watch Vlogmas videos? This article will let you know 10 best Vlogmas YouTubers and videos.

10 Best Vlogmas Youtubers And Videos

1. Zoe Sugg

Zoe Sugg is a well-known author, businesswoman, YouTuber, and Vlogger. Popularly known as Zoella, Zoe Sugg’s bed chats and getting her hair done up video with Poppy and Alfie is one of the best Vlogmas videos published in December 2018.

It has over 32,000 likes and almost 800 thousand views to date and one of the best videos by the popular Internet Celeb.

2. RemLife

Remi, the 22-year old famous Vlogmas YouTuber, has over 1.28 million subscribers. Last year on 2nd of December, she posted a video sharing one of her Christmas mornings.

From hitting the gym to making breakfast and lunch, she gave a sneak peek of her routine for her fans. But the thing that grabbed the viewers' attention was her way of promoting makeup items like blush, shadows, etc. and the EGO shoes. Finally, Remi also shared her Christmas décor shopping in the video.

3. AlishaMarieVlogs

Alisha Marie shows her fans behind the scenes moments from her life by using her vlogs. A video blog published by Alisha Marie on the 19th day of Vlogmas went on to become one of the most popular videos on her channel with 635,939 views.

This video contains Alisa decorating her home for Christmas and her dog helping her. Next, she’s seen on a shopping spree for Christmas and then decorating her home and herself.

With 3.13 million subscribers, Alisha is one of the best Vlogmas YouTubers to watch.

4. Vlogs by DK4L

On day one of Vlogmas, DK4L gives a glimpse into their first Christmas tree decoration together.

From shopping for the Christmas tree to setting it up in their home and decorating it, DK4L gives a complete experience. Along with the decoration of the Christmas tree, they also give their viewers major couple goals by sharing their cuddly moments.

With over 2.53 million subscribers and 635,345 views on this video, DK4L definitely is one of the most popular Vlogmas YouTubers.

5. Nicole Laeno

Nicole is a teenager with dreams and aspirations. On the day 5 of Vlogmas 2018, Nicole Laeno published a video blog featuring herself as a teen mom.

She went to school and attended her classes along with the baby backpack and a doll to get a feel of what it would be like if she was actually a teen mom.

From feeding to changing diapers, she did it all in the video, which garnered 3,870,208 views. With 485k subscribers, Nicole Laeno is surely winning hearts.

6. Tanya Burr

Tanya Burr is an actress and YouTuber with 3.45 million subscribers.

In this video, Tanya is putting on making-up to show her viewers how she can make quick and beautiful make up.

7. Emma Hill

Emma Hill became famous YouTuber with her very first Vlogmas published on the 12th of December 2017. The video has received 44,589 views and Emma has over 222k subscribers on her channel.

In this video, Emma shows how to decorate your home beautifully this Christmas. Her 5 dogs have also got some red and green colored dresses for Christmas. Emma is seen cuddling her dogs and busily decorating the entire house with Gingerbread Large Jar Candle, snowy lit garlands, stars, jumper, of course the Christmas tree, etc.

8. Juicystar07

Blair Fowler, the original name of Juicystar07, is an actress, and in this video with 131,480 views, Fowler shows her family’s way of celebrating Christmas.

From roasting turkey to quality champagne, setting up the dining table for the family dinner, and exchanging gifts, she records the entire time spent with her loved ones in this video recorded around the 20th day of Vlogmas in 2018.

With 1.74 million subscribers, Fowler is one of the most successful and best Vlogmas YouTubers around.

9. Brooklyn and Bailey

The American social media sensation and YouTubers, Brooklyn and Bailey are identical twins with 6.62 million subscribers on their channel.

They published a video blog on the 14th of December 2017 that got the attention of 582,354 viewers. The video’s main attraction was Brooklyn and Bailey’s car.

It had almost everything to make your Christmas party enjoyable. From loud music and lights to disco balls and treats, as well as partying with the BB sisters.

10. Hunter Hill

Hunter Hill, with 159k subscribers, garnered 72,184 views on one of his best Vlogmas posted on the 10th of December 2017. Through this video, Hill gives you a glimpse of the beautiful people and streets during the Christmas time.

The amazing crowds, lights, food, and playtime with family and pets are something that anyone would love to enjoy during the Christmas season, and Hunter Hill has shown it all in the video. But at the end of the video Hill gets hurt while recording.


Now that you know the best Vlogmas YouTubers, you can create something special and magical this season for your viewers. Make yours as well as your viewers' Christmas enjoyable and stuffed with great ideas. Come up with things that you enjoy and would love to share.

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Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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