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What Is Vlogmas for Beginners (Ultimate Guide)

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

There are lots of ways to celebrate the holiday season.

Making cookies, spending quality time with family, watching Christmas movies, and now Vlogmas.

Vlogging (‘video blogging’) is big on YouTube and everyone is trying it.

During the holiday season, that means participating in Vlogmas.

Here’s an overview Vlogmas: what it is, how it started, and ideas for your own Vlogmas videos.

Part 1: What Is Vlogmas

What is Vlogmas? Vlogmas is a holiday event where YouTube creators post videos every day in December leading up to Christmas. For many it has become a modern holiday tradition.

There are similar events other times of the year, like VEDA (Vlog Every Day in April) and Vlogtober in October.

The difference is that Vlogmas videos aren’t just daily vlogs, they’re about Christmas or other holidays happening in December. Vloggers create a video every day until the 24th of December.

Daily vlogs created during the month of Christmas are called Vlogmas videos.

An important thing to note about Vlogmas is how difficult it is to create content during the holiday season.

The holidays are a time where everyone is busy and under a lot of pressure. That’s why Vlogmas is also considered a challenge. YouTubers challenge themselves to create great content during a time when there are a ton of distractions.

The YouTube Community welcomes Christmas by posting one video every day from the 1st to the 24th of December.

Part 2: The Origin of Vlogmas

Vlogmas is a blend of two words: vlog (‘video blog’) and Christmas/ X-Mas.

Ingrid Nilsen is the YouTuber is usually given credit for starting Vlogmas. She created the first-ever Vlogmas video in the year 2011 on the 1st of December and kept posting videos every day in anticipation of Christmas until the 24th of December.

Nilsen is happy to see that she has been able to bring joy to so many people. The challenge of Vlogmas is to perform better and produce creative content each day of the month, which can be a lot of fun for your followers if you can pull it off.

The idea of Vlogmas was made popular by Ingrid Nilsen when she announced her plans to vlog for the month of December. After her announcement, people started searching for Vlogmas on Google and talking about it on social platforms like Twitter.

Part 3: Examples of Vlogmas Videos

What you post for Vlogmas depends on your style and the kind of content your normally post. The idea isn’t to completely re-invent your channel, just to tailor your usual style to the Christmas theme.

christmas theme

For instance, if a vlogger focuses on food videos, it makes sense for them to share holiday recipes through Vlogmas.

If a vlogger reviews products, they may offer the product reviews in the form of a holiday gift guide. What content a vlogger posts during Vlogmas completely depends on their interests.

Here are some examples for your reference:


Zoe Sugg, who has 4.86 million subscribers as ‘Zoella’, created a Vlogmas video the first of December 2018. She is seen with Alfie, Sean, Poppy, and Mark in this vlog.

The gang is seen heading towards Bruges, Belgium, which some consider the most festive holiday city. They are all excited for the good food and great drinks, and are all sporting nice attire and accessories.

In this video, Zoe is seen promoting apparel and beauty products in addition to Bruges itself: its food, amazing drinks, and the Christmasy cold.


Aspin and Parker, who have 2.13 million subscribers, are seen shopping Christmas decorations for their new home.

They are visit a department store to shop for Christmas. They buy chocolates, noodles, and even things that can help them with chores.

On a separate channel, the couple shares household videos. From cushions and their tv console to knit rugs and fuzzy comfy blankets, the couple shares everything they bought for their home and bedroom in a Vlogmas video.

Part 4: How To Participate in Vlogmas

    1. Decide the style and theme of your videos.
    2. Decide which platform you would like to post your Vlogmas videos to: a separate channel or your main YouTube channel.
    3. Plan your video ideas.

video ideas

  1. If you can’t go out to make videos, here are some interesting video ideas you can try from home.
  2. Post a video every day! Don’t panic if you end up missing a day or being late with a video. Vlogmas can be intense enough, so don’t be hard on yourself. Just explain what happened to your subscribers.


Now that you know what Vlogmas is, it’s your time to shine!

If you are a YouTuber, trying Vlogmas can be a challenging and interesting experience that can help you grow as a creator. It’s a great chance to create something unique and interesting for your subscribers.

If you promote brands through your vlogs (i.e. through affiliate links) you could even earn a profit as the days leading up to Christmas are also a time for shopping.

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