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YouTube Channels for Filmmakers to Learn Filmmaking Tips and Tutorials

There are great YouTube channels which provide great filmmaking tutorials and tips for those aspiring filmmakers who wanted to learn more about independent filmmaking without spending too much of their time and money. There are film-oriented YouTube channels you to choose from. Some of these channels are great, some are above average and others aren't worth for you. To choose the best one, you better read this article.

Aside from simply creating your own film to put in your YouTube channel, one of the most effective ways that can help you to be a professional and a better filmmaker is to simply watch YouTube channels tips and tutorials about several skills and filmmaking strategies that can help you refine your skills. These channels are your great resources for you to improve your skills to the highest level. Here are the lists of awesome YouTube channels you should watch to be a professional filmmaker.

8 Great YouTube Channels for Filmmakers

1. PremiumBeat (Shameless Plug)

Besides of the reason that PremiumBeat has one of the biggest blog around the world, it is also has awesome YouTube channels which is known for its wide covers of different topics, tips and tutorials. These can inspire you to improve more your talent to filmmaking.


For sure, you are familiar with Philip Bloom, who is probably one of the most popular and biggest indie filmmaking celebrities around the world. He is an indie-filmmaking celebrity who brings several helpful tutorials about filmmaking and has the ability to share it to more filmmakers. In addition to Philip Bloom YouTube channel, he also cites awesome places to find resources that are more helpful and articles. Apart from that, he also travels in several countries just to find, test, review and come up with videos which help him make his YouTube channel a good source for aspiring filmmakers.


In this YouTube channel, you could find more than one thousand tips and tutorials which can help you become a professional filmmaker in your field. If you have any question related to filmmaking, you can find a great answer from this channel.


This YouTube channel is full of many helpful and awesome tricks and tutorials which are specifically prepared and designed to help those beginner filmmakers become more professional in their chosen craft related to making film. From lighting tutorials to gear reviews of this channel, you will learn many things that you can use to become a better filmmaker.


If you can watch exactly the content of the video, you will learn many things such as using effects and shots to films and most especially making your produce film gets the attention of everyone. There is no doubt that this film is a great resource of filmmaking tips.


This is a unique YouTube channel for filmmakers because Dave Dugdale itself takes the stance of a filmmaker who is learning and at the same time teaching your several strategies of filmmaking. Through his kind and humble attitude towards his experience, he shares his ideas and experience with software, equipment and cameras that a professional filmmaker must give attention to their craft. Most of the content of his YouTube channel is focused around those specific tests and a comparison which helps his YouTube channels become more popular and fantastic, especially for those who want to learn about filmmaking.


This is a one of those awesome YouTube channels which is perfect to watch for those people who are just starting filmmaking. It is also an answered prayer for those who want to be professional in their craft. Unlike with other YouTube channels, this one puts several strategies that a filmmaker must have and apply when making a film. With this YouTube channel, you will not only be able to learn how to record sound effectively, but you also will learn the basics ideas of how you will produce the film and what you need to do apply to make it hit most viewers nationwide. If you are looking for a well-rounded and extremely great YouTube channel, then this one is right for you.


This YouTube channel is a mixture of informative and comedy information that a filmmaker can use to improve his or her skills in terms of filmmaking. Aside from that, it features helpful tricks and tips which gives you more information to become a better filmmaker. Filmmaking needs extra time to make it perfect and professional. If you are looking for a great YouTube channel to help you in filmmaking, then you can read the above list of channels. These 8 platforms are indeed very helpful whether you are a newbie or a seasoned filmmaker. Check them out and see what they can do for you.

Nov 08,2017 17:03 pm

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It's a nice list, thanks. I also made my own list of Youtube channels for filmmakers https://filmmakersbucket.com/youtube-channels.html Cheers
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