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How to Make Killer YouTube Channel Art

Putting in your individual stamp of identity on your YouTube page will set you apart from all other pages in your niche. Editing your channel art is one of the most successful ways to accomplish customization of your YouTube page according to your brand.

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What is YouTube channel art?

YouTube channel art includes thumbnails, banners, watermarks, and icons. Thumbnails will help viewers decide to watch your videos, and a personalized banner will tell people who you are and what your vlog is about. Watermarks both label your work as yours and protect it from theft. Your icon is the avatar you will use to communicate with your subscribers. You can totally change the look and feel of the page and the changes will carry forwards for the page display on all platforms. However, the elements might look slightly different on desktops, mobile devices, and TV screens.

Channel Art Dimensions

If your channel art will not save or upload properly then it is probably because the dimensions are not perfect. First, try to make sure any art you upload to YouTube is a JPEG file. The site does support PNG, but not reliably.

As to how big your art should be: banners should be 2560 x 1440 pixels, and icons should be 800 x 800 pixels. YouTube will render icons down to 98 x 98 px, but you get the best results starting with larger images.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly keep your image files 2MB or less.

Creating Awesome Channel Art

Here are a couple places where you can create custom YouTube channel art for free

1. Fotor-
With Fotor just open the design feature to choose the perfect YouTube cover template. Choose the favorite design from the preset options and customize by adding your images or DIY from scratch. Edit the overlays, text, and background to amp up your design and preview the final design. Save the template in an appropriate size when you are satisfied with the final design.

2. PicMonkey-
On PicMonkey.com you can use pictures from your computer or social media accounts to create art for YouTube or other sites. In addition to YouTube banners, watermarks, and icons you can create Facebook covers or other types of graphics.

When you use PicMonkey you edit your own photos and then apply them to templates which already match the ideal image sizes for YouTube channel art.

You can use PicMonkey’s basic features for free, or you can subscribe for more tools and to get rid of ads. Subscriptions are $4.99 a month, or $2.75 a month if you subscribe annually.

3. Canva-
Canva.com is a bit newer than PicMonkey. On Canva you can use pre-made templates for channel art, or you can even build your own designs. You can access Canva.com from your computer, or download their iPad app.

Canva has a huge library of stock images. You can upload your own photos from your computer or social media accounts and edit them on Canva, or you could use some of the stock images which Canva provides. It is free to use Canva, but they do have premium features that cost $1 each to access.

4. Fotojet-
Fotojet is another incredible banner making tool. Simply choose your preference from the many YouTube channel art templates given in the interface. Add your personalized images and customize the banner designs according to your liking. Save the final design as an image file. You can also share the file over social networks.

5. Bannersnack-
Using Bannersnack as your YouTube channel art maker is a great way to get a customized banner option for your channel. Simply choose from the channel art templates already available on the interface. Download it from eh website and then open the image directly from your computer onto the interface. Use the layers option in the interface to create different layers that can be edited separately. You can also import your personal images on to the interface in a new layer to be edited on the template design. Save the final design in to a png file after all changes have been made.

Tips for making channel arts

1. Tips for Making Thumbnails

A thumbnail is the image that represents your video in YouTube’s search results. There are things you can do with your thumbnail that will make it more likely to get clicked on. Always upload your own thumbnail rather than relying on the one YouTube automatically chooses, and make sure the thumbnail you use is related to the content of your video.

One of the most important things to remember is that thumbnails are small. It is better if there is not a lot going on in them because details will be hard to see. If there is any text in your thumbnail make sure it is huge so that people can still read it once it has been shrunken down.

If you are making a thumbnail for a vlog entry then choose a shot that has you in it, particularly one where you are not too far away from the camera. It is also a good idea if the thumbnails for your vlog entries all look similar so it is easy for people browsing to recognize which videos are yours.

2. Tips for Making Watermarks

Watermarks work best when they are small and transparent so they do not distract viewers from your videos. If your watermark is colored, there should not be more than one or two colors. Unlike the full version of your logo, you do not want your watermark to be overly eye-catching.

3. Tips for Making Icons

Watermarks work best when they are small and transparent so they do not distract viewers from your videos. If your watermark is colored, there should not be more than one or two colors. Unlike the full version of your logo, you do not want your watermark to be overly eye-catching.

Awesome YouTube channel art designs samples sharing

  • Big ThinkThe channel brings about big ideas to the audiences and the channel art is branded with a big thinking statue.
  • You are creatorsthe channel caters to a simple idea and the channel art reflects this philosophy.
  • ScishowThe channel has over 1.5 million subscribers glued to the content periodically published on site. The channel art reflects the sticky, slimy genius of science with an amazing background t attract more attention.
  • Mental FlossThe channel art design for this YouTube account is wonderful in its design genius. The design is cluttered with various trivia icons and elements.
  • TotallySketch - the channel art design for this channel is simple and on point with the core message. Te design emphasis is on the humor and direct message of eh channel's purpose.
  • TEDx The channel art is very unique with focus on audiences and the empowerment that is the sole purpose of the TEDx content.
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