How to Make Killer YouTube Channel Art

By Feb 20,2017 11:36 am

Putting in your individual stamp of identity on your YouTube page will set you apart from all other pages in your niche. Editing your channel art is one of the most successful ways to accomplish customization of your YouTube page according to your brand.

What is YouTube channel art?

The channel art feature from YouTube allows you to customize your YouTube page according to your unique brand identity. You can totally change the look and feel of the page and the changes will carry forwards for the page display on all platforms. However, the elements might look slightly different on desktops, mobile devices, and TV screens.

10 Awesome YouTube channel art designs samples sharing

  • 1. Big Think – The channel brings about big ideas to the audiences and the channel art is branded with a big thinking statue.
  • 2. Infinite Waters – the channel brings news and varied tips about the infinite water bodies and the channel art design reflects the theme. The art is call to action oriented for this channel.
  • 3. You are creators – the channel caters to a simple idea and the channel art reflects this philosophy.
  • 4. Genius Brain Power – The channel art reflects the amazing power of brain and the universe. It is an amazing concept that appears to the entire target audience through the themed channel art.
  • 5. Scishow – The channel has over 1.5 million subscribers glued to the content periodically published on site. The channel art reflects the sticky, slimy genius of science with an amazing background t attract more attention.
  • 6. Mental Floss – The channel art design for this YouTube account is wonderful in its design genius. The design is cluttered with various trivia icons and elements.
  • 7. Totally Sketches- the channel art design for this channel is simple and on point with the core message. Te design emphasis is on the humor and direct message of eh channel’s purpose.
  • 8. Allen Henn – using design elements the channel art has managed to superbly convey the purpose of the channel. The blurred profile photo helps audiences to focus on the channel art more.
  • 9. About a Boy – the channel art is on-point, specific and dynamic. It attracts the audiences while clearly letting them know what it is about!
  • 10. TEDx –The channel art is very unique with focus on audiences and the empowerment that is the sole purpose of the TEDx content.

Banner maker software recommended

You need precise tools such as banner maker software to create professionally designed YouTube channel art. Here are a few options:

Fotor- With Fotor just open the design feature to choose the perfect YouTube cover template. Choose the favorite design from the preset options and customize by adding your images or DIY from scratch. Edit the overlays, text, and background to amp up your design and preview the final design. Save the template in an appropriate size when you are satisfied with the final design.

Canva- with Canva, you can create epic YouTube cover arts even when you do not have any design experience. Simply open Canva and choose your preference from over 100 professional design options. Upload the images from your own device or choose from the 1 million options of stock images provided within the Canva package. Adjust the images and customize with filters and text. Save and share the new design when you are satisfied with it.

Fotojet- Fotojet is another incredible banner making tool. Simply choose your preference from the many YouTube channel art templates given in the interface. Add your personalized images and customize the banner designs according to your liking. Save the final design as an image file. You can also share the file over social networks.

YouTube channel art- Using Background Tube as your YouTube channel art maker is a great way to get a customized banner option for your channel. Simply choose from the channel art templates already available on the interface. Download it from eh website and then open the image directly from your computer onto the interface. Use the layers option in the interface to create different layers that can be edited separately. You can also import your personal images on to the interface in a new layer to be edited on the template design. Save the final design in to a png file after all changes have been made.

Here is the easy video editor for you to edit videos after YouTube channel is ready.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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