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If you are hosting a YouTube gaming channel it's extremely important that you take the time to create a cool intro to play before each one of your films. Some of the top YouTube gamers and mind craft gamers are always working to build cool new intros for all of their movies. These can get people excited for your video as well as give you a real online brand.


The Best Ways to Make an Intro:

The easiest way to make an intro is with the help of a screen recorder as well as some free MP3s and basic video editing tools. You can screen record some of your captured footage and putting together a montage or potentially even capture some footage in a game like halo or minecraft that allow for easy cutscene creation. After putting together a montage of videos you can use online tools like rendrfx to build a title intro for your name. Then simply use video editing tools to pair up a cool theme song and you are set!

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Here is the tutorial video on how to make professional gaming Intros:

The Best Intro Templates for Gaming

In order to save time with creating your channel intro it might be a good idea to consider using intro templates in gaming. There are some templates available through these sources:

1. Video blocks

Videoblocks has after effects templates you can simply download and bring into Photoshop. All you need to do with these templates is insert your name and import the music, the background images and graphics are all generated.

2. Intro Champ

Introchamp features logos and intros which are easy to import. There is no need for aftereffects work or editing and they can put in all of the text for you. The intros are available for fees that range from $4.98-11.95. Music, graphics and text are all completed for you.

3. Editors Depot

Editors depot has thousands of stock videos and templates with free intros available. Most are after effects templates but there is an online video maker where you can edit the intros as well.

Here is Top 10 FREE Gaming Intro Templates recommended by EditorsDepot in its own YouTube channel:

Best YouTube Video Intro Maker for Gaming

There are some superb tools that you can also use for making intros on your gaming channel or for a YouTube video.

1. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a great tool that you can use to capture, edit and convert files to any file type. You can use Wondershare Filmora not just for building amazing effects and graphics but for editing the content on your channel over an extended period. This could be an excellent tool you can use for editing, YouTube uploads and your intros.


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2. Rendrfx

This website has a wide range of aftereffects templates that can all be edited using their online editor. Most of the templates can be accessed for free and you can build a gaming video quite easily.

3. Panzoid

Panzoid Comes with an online video editor, quick clip maker and a background editor. These are tools which are perfect for a beginner editor and many of them are available completely for free. With easy ways to edit the art as well as 3-D animations that you can access for free, you can create a professional intro very fast.

4. Intromaker

Intromaker has a design wizard that lets you pick from a wide range of designs that will look good with your logo. You can just put in a pdf of your logo/gaming name and the creators will incorporate it into the video background. The videos on intromaker are not free but this can be a very simple way to pick from a template and having a working intro video for a small fee.


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