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YouTube Outro Complete Guide [+Best Makers & Templates]

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

The key reason your YouTube videos have a hundred views a year after publication is because they lack good YouTube intro and outro.

How interactive is your YouTube channel? Or, what’s the bounce rate of your YouTube videos? As you answer this, you’ll realize how important YouTube outro is. Very few people know to add outro to YouTube videos is the best YouTube SEO technique.

In this guide, I’ll demystify what YouTube outro is and how to make outro and add it to a YouTube video. If you are not a tech expert, use intro and outro makers highlighted herein to make your videos as interactive pas possible.

To get a sneak preview of what is entailed here; this guide has been subdivided into five parts:

Part 1: YouTube Outro Prerequisites

In this part, we will learn what outros for YouTube are, the importance of land that distinguishes them from the intro. Also included are expert tips on how to make YouTube outro that attracts a hundred thousand subscribers in seven days included. 

To understand what YouTube outro is and why you should add it to your videos, here is a detailed explanation.

youtube outro making guide

Section 1: What is a Youtube Outro?

YouTube outro aka end screen is the last part of a video with a call to action statement, button or video suggestion to view other YouTube videos. In other words, it’s the last part of a video with calls to action links.

One of the most effective technical methods of optimizing YouTube videos is by adding an outro. This helps attract huge traffic, increase conversion and engage viewers.

Why spend your time adding outro? You can add Outro to YouTube videos to direct viewers to your website, other selected videos, engage viewers for longer and to persuade them to subscribe to the channel. In short, most end screens have four elements incorporated into an outro: Channel, subscribe, Video playlist and a website link.

Section 2: Difference Between Outro and Intro

Most YouTube videos have an intro and an outro. In this case, an intro is a short clip at the beginning of a YouTube video that introduces you to the viewers and your brand.

Even though video creators attach more emphasis on intros, both are both very critical. For your videos to achieve meaningful results, it’s important to view each as distinct from the other. Equally important to know, both intros and outros have different purposes.

Differences Between YouTube Intro And Outro
Intro Outro
Inserted at the begging of a video Inserted at the end of a video
Used to capture audience attention Directs the audience to the next step
Introduces the topic Suggests new topics to viewers
Attract viewers to the video Contains a call-action button
Showcases a brand, logo, business slogan or a statement mission

Section 3: YouTube Outro Requirements

Just as their requirements for any video uploaded on YouTube, outros are no exception. For your outro to be interactive, observe the following requirements:

1. Outro Resolution

Outros for YouTube should have an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a resolution of 1920px X 1080px.

2. Outro Element Sizes and Dimensions

End screen templates comprise elements that are in different shapes and sizes. When using a YouTube outro size of 1920px X 1080px, here are the element dimensions to use:

  • Subscribe – 294px X 294px
  • Channel – 294px X 294px
  • Website link - 294px X 294px
  • Video playlist – 615px X 345px

youtube outro screen format

3. Outro Length

If you want to make your outro boring, make it long. So, how long should YouTube outro be? For your outros to have a high conversation rate, they should be approximately 10-20 seconds long. However, the length of your video should be the determining factor. A one-hour YouTube video can have a longer outro.

Don’t be challenged by setting the above sizes because nearly all intro and outro makers have already set dimensions for the elements. The major requirements are done for you

Section 4: Best Practices When Making A YouTube Outro

Imagine given 10 seconds to showcase your YouTube channel and direct viewers on the next move without breaking the engagement! Different YouTube outros come in different styles; certainly a show of one's degree of creativity. 

At this point, you should be already be having the best outro maker in mind - Filmora. The below YouTube outro tips should coincide with the features of your selected outro maker.

tips to make outro for YouTube

  1. Be relevant

The featured elements should be related to the video. Adding irrelevant elements your outro will most likely make the viewer click away.

  1. Keep to your goals

The big question is; what do you want to achieve from the YouTube end screen? Draw your attention to the subject matter of that particular video, your channel or the product highlighted in the video. Try to align your thoughts with those of the viewer.

Every video creator wishes for the following goals, increasing your channel subscribers, sending traffic to another site, viewing more videos and sharing to social media. Each YouTube outro element should have its own goal.

  1. Simple, clear and easy to interpret

Your outro will be meaningless if the audience cannot take action due to the complexity of either the language used or the ambiguity of words used. Use colors that pop out the elements making them the center of focus. Make them clear and avoid anything distractive. 

  1. Use similar outro templates

Apart from being a good method of branding your channel, using similar outro on your videos adds credibility. It is, therefore, a good practice to have the consistency of colors, elements, images, and logos.

It’s absolutely important to understand all the prerequisites related to YouTube outros. Make use of the tips and requirements explained above when making and adding YouTube end screens to achieve the best results. 

Part 2: Best 8 Intro And Outro Makers For YouTube

If you are wondering how to make the best magnetic intro and converting outro for your YouTube videos, this is your best article for you. Whether it’s the free online intro maker or the YouTube outro maker free no watermark, just select one that suits you most from the below list.

1. Wondershare Filmora

Quick fact – Using Filmora as an outro maker, allows you to select your admired background and outro template.

Do you want to make HD YouTube intros and outros that will grow your channel? I recommend Wondershare Filmora.

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

This software has the simplest friendly interface that any new and expert video editor would understand easily. This is very important for you; to use the best intro or outro for your YouTube videos, download Filmora video editor to get access to Filmstock. There are plenty of free and editable YouTube intro and outro templates ready for download.

Filmora is an all in one YouTube outro maker: you can download intro and outro templates, edit, add to your YouTube video and publish to your channel. There are innumerable backgrounds, transitions and effects to make an outro that matches the video colors, speed, and theme.

2. Outromaker

Quick fact – Outromaker is highly preferred for adding YouTube end screens with animated backgrounds that are mobile-friendly.

best youtube outro maker interface

In spite of its pricey plans, Outro Maker continues to be more and more users due to its high genre of outro templates. Among the features included in this app are outro templates, YouTube mobile cards, and YouTube graphics.

To insert a Pokémon Go or animated cartoon background that rhymes with your videos, you have to register an account. Secondly, you must have a registered YouTube channel with videos. Lastly, subscribe to a paid plan.

3. MotionDen

Quick fact – MotionDen is an online into and outro maker. To create YouTube intro and outro without watermark, you have to first pay. 

best youtube outro maker interface

There are plenty of YouTube intro and outro templates for your marketing videos, showdown movies or hard sports videos. Only two pricing plans are available, namely $9.0/Video and $39/ month. Both plans produce HD intros and outros for YouTube and give access to directly publish to YouTube.

To start creating end screens, creating an account is a requirement. MotionDen has rich text editing features and direct typography to edit your logo. 

4. Snappa

Quick fact- With Snappa as your YouTube outro maker, only 60 seconds are enough to create a professional high-quality outro.

best youtube outro maker interface

This is the perfect YouTube outro maker online free with over a 5000+ outro template and million-plus royalty-free HD photos and graphics. Among the features it’s renowned for include, thousands of templates in different sizes, resizable graphics, a huge library of HD intros and outros and seamless integration with uploaded logos and custom fonts.

Most of the YouTube outro requirements like dimensions have been done for you. To access more features, subscribe to either the Pro plan for $10/month or the Team plan for $20/month.

5. Biteable

Quick fact- Biteable is a free online YouTube outro creator. It’s compatible with mobile phones and computers and is highly used by content marketing experts.

best youtube outro maker interface

The clarity of the interface is enough to prove its simplicity and user-friendliness. The only requirement to use this app is registration. However, the free plan is limited to 10 projects per month, the basic content and 24/7 customer support. Its main limitation is any project under the free plan bears the Biteable watermark.

Biteable Youtube outro template download feature contains 85,000 Shutterstock clips. There are four optional pricing plans. The free plan with limited features, Starter Plan for $29/mo, Pro Plan for $29/mo and Unlimited Plan for $49/mo. You can also subscribe annually.

6. Tube Arsenal

Quick fact – Tube Arsenal is among the best HD intro and outro maker for YouTube. No monthly/annual subscription plans. Each outro template can be customized online. 

best youtube outro maker interface

Despite its high quality and professional templates, Tube Arsenal is suitable for both beginners and experts. Would you like to add the best YouTube outro songs to your videos? Select any intro or outro and on the customizing chart to the left, scroll to the bottom and click “Music”.

Some of the features include unlimited downloads, free downloads, online template customization and curated collection of intros and outros. Each outros’ price is determined by its resolution (720px for $9 and 180px for $11).

7. Animaker

Quick fact – Animaker takes cognizance of human creative ability. You can, therefore, create your own intro from scratch or edit the provided templates. 

best youtube outro maker interface

Animaker is among the world’s most used YouTube intro maker. It’s trusted by over 1000 big brands like Adidas, Google, UNICEF, and Uber. You can start with the free plan if it’s your first time then upgrade to the complex paid plans. The paid plans are Personal for $19/mo, Startup for $35/mo and Business for $59/mo.

There are many features to look out for in Animaker. Some include 50+ backgrounds YouTube intro music, over 175 sound effects, custom font support and pre-designed templates.

8. Video Jaguar

Quick fact – Video Jaguar is a cloud-based software used creating YouTube intros and outros. You can, therefore, use it from any location without downloading it. 

best youtube outro maker interface

This app's outro maker interface comes equipped with easy to use features like full HD intro and outro templates, licensed music and text editor. There are also plenty of royalty-free photos.

Video Jaguar is majorly designed for marketers who specialize in video ads to grow their brand awareness. 

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Part 3: How To Make And Add Outro To YouTube Video

How to make a YouTube outro was comprehensively answered by the launch Filmora video editor. Why say Filmora? We all know how the best professional YouTube outros should look like, right? Go to the Filmora products page then click download. Among the features, you'll find include transitions, backgrounds, effects, rich text editor and free audio and voiceover recorder among others.

Step 1: Start by downloading and installing Filmora on your Windows or Mac by clicking any of the below icons. 

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

Step 2: Once it’s fully installed, double-click on the Filmora icon on your desktop to open a welcome screen for you to start a new project. Adjust the project aspect ratio to 16:9. 

Step 3: Click the new project and wait for the software full interface to open. On the Filmora Filmstock page, search and select a YouTube outro template of your choice, download and save to your media.

Before importing the template, click "Sample Colours" to choose a color that rhymes with your video and set it as the background.

Click “Media” on the top menu and import your outro template to the timeline.

Step 4: Use the screen blind mode to edit the YouTube outro elements at the preview window. Also, you can select audio and add it as outro music for YouTube. Click “Title” to select your preferred font editor. Once you are done, export the outro to the media file.

Check this video tutorial. It's very easy and simple to make a YouTube outro. Free to download the video maker and have a try now!

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

Part 4: How To Add An Outro To A Youtube Video

To understand the whole end screen process we will continue with the Filmora video editing procedure.

Step 1: Upload your video to the timeline and create a space for the video outro.

Step 2: Import the YouTube outro created earlier and drag it down to the timeline. Now that you have two imports on your timeline, drag the outro to the videos end section.

how to make a youtube outro

Step 3: Click “Export” to save or upload the video on YouTube. You now have your video with an end screen.

Part 5: Frequently Asked Questions about YouTube Outro


Best Websites for YouTube Outro Template Download

YouTube Outro templates are helping websites grow their revenue by setting pricing plans. Nevertheless, there are some websites with even better free outro templates for download. Here is a combination of both paid and free websites to download YouTube outros:

Best Websites to Find YouTube Outro Songs

Finding outro songs for YouTube is a bit challenging partly because not many YouTube outro makers have also songs on the website. Video creators also tend to use video audio in their end screens thereby reducing the demand for outro songs.

Despite their low demand, few websites continue to create YouTube outro songs like:

  1. Bensound
  2. MotionDen
  3. Animaker
  4. Yummy Sounds

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We all wish to create YouTube videos that attract many viewers and eventually subscribers! To grow your YouTube channel, start adding outros to your videos before uploading them to YouTube. YouTube outro engages viewers for longer by clicking the suggested videos or helps grow the channel.

It’s not a surprise to find some of your videos with no outros despite the high number of free intro and outro YouTube makers. Use the above list to make a stunning outro for YouTube.

Was this guide helpful to you? Kindly share your comments or thoughts on the social media platforms on this site.

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