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YouTube to WAV File: 4 Best Free Convert Solutions

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Jul 12, 2024• Proven solutions

YouTube to WAV converter is a very common phenomenon. This is done by the users as they want to play the video on selected devices.

In this article, we will help you manage to convert YouTube to WAV file with ease.

You will Learn :

What is WAV?

WAV, known as Wave Form Audio File Format and is fully supported by Windows, is a common format that was launched back in 1991, which supports most of the older devices as well.

For the users that want uncompressed and lossless quality prefer to use WAV format. It is extended from the RIFF format to the RF64 format.

How to Convert YouTube to WAV Format?

Some many ways and programs can be used as YouTube to WAV converter. All these programs are easy to use and definitive guides are also available online. Some of the best ways are mentioned below.

Option 1: Convert YouTube to WAV by Wondershare Filmora

Filmora is by far the best program that can be used to convert YouTube to WAV format. YouTube to WAV file conversion has never been as easy as it is with this program. The program is easy to use and allows the users to overcome the issues which other programs present.

Features of the Program

  • It is one of the very few programs that come with split-screen functionality. It means that the video and audio can be played simultaneously on a single interface.
  • The audio equalizer ensures that the tuning is done as per the requirements.
  • There is an advanced functionality of text editing which allows the users to mention the text onto the converted video as well.
  • The UI of the program is graphical and hence it is easy to use. The independent reviews have granted a score of 9.5 based on this functionality of the program.
  • The part selection is available in the program. It means that multiple conversions can be done at the same time without losing quality.

How to Convert YouTube to WAV Using Filmora?

This YouTube WAV converter is easy to use. The best part is that it is compatible with major platforms i.e. Windows and Mac. The processes for both will be explained in detail so that you can understand the program better.

The Process to Convert YouTube to WAV:

Step 1: Download Filmora for Windows or Mac (depends on your operating system).

If you want to download the program for Windows then click below download icon:

Download Filmora9 Win Version

For Mac version download click below icon:

Download Filmora9 Mac Version

Step 2: There are three ways to import media into the program.

Methond 1: Click File > Import Media. Choose the YouTube file that you want to convert to WAV format. If the file is on another device then you can get it from there as well.

how to convert youtube to wav by filmora

Method 2: Click Import Media on the main interface and select the file from the window that pops up.

Method 3: You can also drag and drop the files onto the interface to make sure that they are imported.

Step 3: You now just need to export the video in the WAV format. Click the Export button and then go for the Local tab. The export formats that are currently supported by the program are WMV, MP4, AVI, MOV, F4V, MKV, TS, 3GP, MPEG-2, WEBM, GIF and MP3.

how to convert youtube to wav by filmora

Step 4: You can then alter the settings within the settings tab. The bit rate is the main thing that defines the quality of the video. Once the settings are done press OK

Step 5: You can also export the video as per the device that you want to play it on.

how to convert youtube to wav by filmora

Step 6: You can also upload the video to social media platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Step 7: You can also burn the converted format onto a DVD. Select the appropriate settings and press Export.

The process is explained as under. For video guides please visit Filmora 101 as it will get you the complete knowledge thoroughly.

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Option 2: Other Way to Convert YouTube to WAV on Windows

5K Player is one of the best and the most used players that also work as YouTube to WAV conversion platform as well. The process is very easy to follow and is mentioned as under.

Step 1: Copy and paste the URL of the video on the desired location within the player. Click download and the process starts.

how to convert youtube to wav by 5kplayer

Step 2: Click "To Music" and select the WAV format from the drop-down that appears. You can also choose the bit rate, frame rate, and resolution. Once the conversion is completed you can save the file and the process ends here.

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Option 3: Other Way to Convert YouTube to WAV on Mac

The Allavsoft is one of the best converters that can be used to convert YouTube to WAV on Mac. The process is simple and has been explained as under.

Step 1: Paste the URL of the YouTube video that you want to convert. You can also select the download quality and can access the file once the download has been completed.

how to convert youtube to wav by allavsoft

Step 2: You can then select the format and once the conversion has been completed click the download button. The same has been depicted by numbers 2 and 3 in the picture below. WAV lossless quality should be selected from the dropdown to make sure that the work is done without any issue and problem.

Right format selection is important as the conversion is done instantly.

Option 4: YouTube to WAV Conversion Online

The process that you need to follow is explained as under.

Step 1: Visit https.// to access the converter.

Step 2: Paste the URL of the YouTube video that you want to convert and click the “Convert” button:

how to convert youtube to wav online

Step 3: Wait till the converter fetches the information.

Step 4: From the drop-down make sure that you select the WAV format.

Step 5: Click “Convert” once again and the process of conversion starts.

Step 6: The video then starts to download in the desired format.

Step 7: Click “Download” and save the file to the desired location. This concludes the process in full.

Tips to Convert YouTube to WAV

Below are some tips that would be useful for the users that want to convert YouTube to WAV format.

1. Always use the multipurpose software. It will allow you to download and convert the video at the same time-saving time.

2. Lossless quality is always to be selected while you are converting the format. It will make sure that the video is never compressed at all.

3. One of the best ways to convert the video is to disable the background noise. This will lead to awesome results.

4. Converting from YouTube to WAV also requires you to choose the software that is fast and reliable or else you will get the outcome which is not as per your requirements.

5. Free software programs can also get the malware to your system and therefore these are not recommended at all.

6. WAV is a format that is of high quality as the converters have loads of options so it is advised to use these carefully.

7. Make sure that the converters that are used are the ones that are highly rated and have a graphical user interface.

8. The YouTube to WAV downloader should be there on with the converter as it will make the process easy and you don't need tons of software programs for a single purpose.

9. Always go for the program that supports the containers instead of just the format. If a program supports the containers then it is easy to convert a number of formats.

10. The conversion should be done with converters that do not cause any type of loss to enhance the quality as well.

Beside WAV Other Popular Formats for YouTube Videos

Many other video formats should be used to make sure that the best and the most advanced outcome is generated. Some of the most popular formats are as under.

  1. Audio Video Interleave Format, AVI

It is one of the oldest formats that are on the market. It was developed by Microsoft as a part of their video processing format for Windows. It was made publically available in 1992.

This one of the oldest formats is used universally. Many people consider it the standard to save videos. The AVI files are simple to use and are supported by almost every video player currently on the market.

It is easy to store as it takes less space than many other formats that are on the market. It will also let you transfer the files relatively faster due to the small size.

  1. Flash Video Format, FLV

The flash player by Adobe is one of the most common software programs on the system. This has made this video format one of the common ones on the market. The format can be played with ease as the supported plugins are there for other apps as well.

The flash content is supported by all browsers and therefore it is common to play these videos without any additional plugins. The best part of this format is the lossless quality that it provides to its users. Even if you compress these videos they remain HD as the quality remains the same.

  1. Apple QuickTime Movie, MOV

Among the Mac users, it is one of the most used formats. Developed by Apple it is a format that allows the users to overcome issues such as playback errors. The new version has also been launched which is known as QuickTime X.

The best part of this format is that it is available for Windows users as well. The files of the MOV format are usually of high quality. It is for the same that the size of such files is large as compared to other formats.

  1. Moving Pictures Expert Group 4, MP4

Introduced in 1998 it is a format that is used by the motion pictures association responsible for setting the standards. The format is widely used and is supported by various platforms as well as devices.

Even after the MP4 file is compressed it remains lossless and the quality remains the same. The HTML5 that has been launched currently also supports this format. It is compatible with almost all of the browsers that are on the market.

  1. 264

As the name suggests it is one of the best and the most used formats for HD videos. The compression remains lossless and even if the resolution is low the quality is maintained. The MP4 container is the one that is used to contain this format.

Most of the streaming devices, as well as the services, use this format while referring to HD video. The best part is that the format is widely accepted as industry standards for HD videos. Most of the users all over the world use this format to save their HD videos with ease.

  1. OGG

It is one of the most used video formats. It has been developed by the foundation to maintain the video as well as the audio quality on different platforms. The format is free and the documentation, as well as the configuration, can be downloaded by anyone.

  1. Advanced Systems Format, .ASF

If you want to stream videos then this is the format that is considered to be the best. It is still being used by the major popular streaming platforms of the world. The .ASF format is one of the best and it allows the users to overcome issues such as quality loss as well as streaming related issues.

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If you require lossless compression then YouTube to WAV conversion is something that is required. Some many ways and means can be used to make sure that the idea is approached. The best way is to use Filmora as it is an easy and efficient operation.

The best way to get around the issue is to always use the service that is embedded with quality.

If you like this article then it is requested to comment and share it on social media. It will not only help others but will also let them have knowledgeable ideas.

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

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