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How to Convert YouTube to MP4 Safely? [Step by Step Guide]

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Viewing the videos online is not always feasible, limiting you to go connection-oriented.

So if you are looking for ways to entertain yourself without network limitation while enjoying the best quality video then you utterly need a YouTube video converter to convert YouTube to mp4 safe.

Here we present some of the best applications to easily and safely convert your YouTube video to MP4 within few clicks. Let’s get deep into it!

You will Learn :

Note: We resolutely oppose all forms of copyright-infringing downloads. This tutorial is only for downloading YouTube videos/audio materials from your own channel.

What is the MP4 Video File Format?

MP4 file refers to the digital media file format that is officially known by .mp4 file extension. It is solely used for the purpose of audio and video file storage. Other forms of media like stagnant images and subtitles etc. can also be stored in this file format.

This file format is one of the highly accessible, easy-to-use and most convenient formats worldwide at the same time. This is a safe and protected file format by using the DRM technology which performs copyrights protection of the digital media files.

It can be imagined as a container that contains the combination of audio, video, still images and subtitles, all in a single consolidated file. Advanced data like users’ interactivity, menus, and 3D Graphics can also be stored in this format.

Key Features of MP4:

  • Open standard format used worldwide
  • Easy to use file format
  • Highly accessible
  • Compatible with all operating systems, thus allow convenience in distribution and sharing
  • Reliable file format
  • Captures precise, vivid and sharp imaging of high mobility content which makes it perfect for video recording.
  • The most convenient and high-quality choice for online video streaming and editing.
  • The conversion into MP4 file format preserves the original content quality
  • Supported by almost all video-based applications.

MP4 Usage:

Be it a YouTube video or any video related content, MP4 file format is compatible in every domain over the internet.

The highlighting feature of this file format is that it converts into the targeted file formatting by occupying relatively smaller disk storage yet gives an impeccable output quality. The ease of use and wide range of benefits are the reasons why this file format is being used worldwide. This format is mainly used in online video streaming and in the creation of exclusive web-supported videos.

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How to Convert YouTube Videos to MP4 File Format on MAC/Windows [Best Converters Provided]

There are various converters and players that support this file format. So in this part, we will show you how to convert YouTube to MP4 safely step by step. Besides, some popular safe video format converters will also be introduced to you.

Best Video Converter for Windows/Mac: Wondershare Filmora

There is a pool of software available for you to convert YouTube videos into an MP4 file format. But to level it up, Filmora is an option that not only gives promising yet professional results but is compatible with Windows and Mac both operating systems. So if you are looking for a safe YouTube to MP4 video file converter then look no further!

It's free to download the link of Filmora for Mac and Windows operating systems.

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

Key Features:

  • Noise reduction
  • Audio transitions
  • Enhances video quality by lessening the size
  • Fast import and export option
  • Available for both platform MAC and Windows
  • User-friendly interface
  • The pool of advance options available

Step-By-Step Guide to Convert YouTube to Mp4 Safe Using Filmora:

Step1: Load the Filmora package and run the program. Import the YouTube targeted video file by simply drag and drop option onto the main interface.

Step 2: After successfully importing the file, click on the export button and “Local” to save on the device storage.

Step 3: Click on “setting” to set the desired parameters of the targeted video.

Step 4: Choose the file format “MP4” on the left pane and click on “Export”. Wait for a few minutes and you are done!

For a video tutorial on converting YouTube videos into MP4, refer below.

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

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What Is Meant By Unsafe Video File Conversion?

When you opt for any free and open-source web application in order to convert the video format of any targeted video, you may find not be able to rectify the vulnerabilities behind the application but it may cost you with your privacy, data theft or lousy file conversion.

Just because it is free doesn’t always ensures the reliability of the application.

You may encounter:

  • Malware or viruses that may result in breaching your private data
  • May give you lousy quality after transcoding
  • Lossy compression format in the end

Tips To Prevent Unsafe Video File Format Conversion

It is always preferable to be safe and cautious beforehand rather than curing the disease afterward. There are some useful tips and tricks that you can always use while not only using and downloading the video format converters but any software in general.

So here we are to save you from any potential vulnerabilities that might come across with the use of YouTube video format converters:

  1. Always download the converter from an authenticated/official website.
  2. When coming across Ads or pop-ups, never click on it.
  3. Never enter your personal credentials unnecessarily like username, password, credit card number or phone number. That might be a trap to hack and breach your privacy for data theft or any other undesirable purposes.
  4. Check for reviews of the website or software before downloading it.
  5. Download a good antivirus and scan your downloads for any potential viruses.
  6. Prefer to download YouTube videos from YouTube sites only. As others might download a file from an illegal video archive.
  7. The tool ought to work as it was promised/advertised to work like, having the same features and gives the promised result without taking extensive time.
  8. Monitor the behavior of your PC.

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Without bounding yourself with the restriction of the internet, you can now access your favorite playlist in the best MP4 quality using any of the above-mentioned software.

But, the free availability, the utmost reliability, fast speed transcoding and lastly, software compatibility in both the platform, Mac and Windows makes Filmora the most feasible, safe and easily accessible software to convert YouTube videos to mp4 safe.

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