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The Ultimate Guide to Video Monetization: Dailymotion vs. YouTube

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Oct 30, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Online video creators are always searching for ways to make their passion profitable. YouTube and Dailymotion are two of the largest video platforms. Millions of users use these platforms, and they have updated features. How do you choose the right video platform?

This article compares Dailymotion monetization to YouTube on privacy, audience, and analytics. To ease this exploration, Filmora is assisting us. This software edits videos to increase platforms' income-generating potential. Read this article to monetize your videos in a better way, and join us on this journey.

In this article
  1. Part 1. Exploring YouTube and Dailymotion: Platforms for Creators
  2. Part 2. YouTube vs. Dailymotion Monetization: Unraveling the Key Differences
  3. Part 3. Enhance Your Monetization Journey with Wondershare Filmora: A Video Editing Solution
  4. Conclusion
Video Monetization Editor
Create engaging and valuable videos with Wondershare Filmora for YouTube and Dailymotion Monetization!
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Part 1. Exploring YouTube and Dailymotion: Platforms for Creators

dailymotion monetization vs youtube

YouTube: What is it?

A three-person team, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, founded YouTube in 2005. Their goal is to create YouTube as a global platform for sharing videos. A huge $1.65 billion was paid by Google for buying YouTube. YouTube then became a more popular website with over two billion users every month.

Lots of creators, like makeup artists and gamers, make money on YouTube. With the platform, you can livestream, make money from your videos, and watch tons of user-made videos.

youtube: what is it

Dailymotion: What is it?

A French entrepreneur and an English entrepreneur founded Dailymotion in 2005. Dailymotion became one of the most popular video platforms in France and then Europe in just 1 year. You can upload and share videos on Dailymotion like on YouTube. There is a slight difference in their focus. Dailymotion's content tends to be professional, while YouTube's is user-made.

Dailymotion has over 300 million users every month. It's accessible in 35 different languages. Also, for pro content, it offers features like "Motionmaker" to users and live streaming to creators.

dailymotion: what is it

The popularity and user base of YouTube and Dailymotion

YouTube's user interface is very easy and simple to use. You can filter the results with date and popularity at the top bar of the website. You can watch YouTube without ads and gain access to YouTube analytics.

It's cool to create your own channel on YouTube. It allows you to upload videos, customize your banner, and create a community.

It is easy to stream videos or share them with friends by creating playlists. YouTube and Dailymotion both have easy-to-use interfaces. You can customize your own channel, and it has categories and channels. YouTube has advanced playlist features, but Dailymotion does not.

It's not all fun and games - YouTube has fewer ads than Dailymotion. A premium subscription to Dailymotion removes the ads and gives you access to other features.

Both Platforms have Different Content and Audiences

YouTube Content and Audience

Video content on YouTube ranges from cooking tips to music videos. It even offers live streaming concerts and mind-blowing documentaries. Gamer, beauty, sports, and learning enthusiasts will enjoy this channel.

YouTube allows you to upload 12-hour-long videos to increase your watch time. You can also share all types of experiences in the long video. Every day, 2.51 billion active users watch over one billion hours of content. Creators can showcase their work in high definition, up to 8K, on the platform, which is a major advantage. Mobile devices and smartphones also allow offline viewing of videos.

Dailymotion Content and Audience

There's something special about Dailymotion. The site provides YouTube videos, animated shorts, music, documentaries, and TV shows. Although Dailymotion has upload limits, its videos are still of high quality, up to 1080p. There is a vibrant community of creators looking to connect with their audiences as well. There were 545.3 million visits to Dailymotion in April 2023, making it a strong competitor. Depending on your taste and the content you're looking for, you can choose either.

Part 2. YouTube vs. Dailymotion Monetization: Unraveling the Key Differences

YouTube and Dailymotion monetization features and opportunities

It's crucial for content creators to know which monetization options each platform offers. Let's have a look at the monetization options available on YouTube and Dailymotion. It is possible to earn money from your content on both Dailymotion and YouTube. Dailymotion is easier to monetize, despite its broader and more sophisticated offering.

Programs and options for monetizing YouTube

There are many ways for YouTube creators to make money from their content. You can display video ads for sponsorships, AdSense payments, and merchandise sales. YouTube offers more monetization options and is more advanced than Dailymotion. The YouTube monetization rules can be tricky to meet for eligible accounts.

Programs and options for monetizaton Dailymotion

Creators can also monetize their content on Dailymotion. Dailymotion has fewer monetization options than YouTube. Unlike YouTube, Dailymotion allows creators to earn money through ads.

The Dailymotion Partner Program has made several French video creators extremely wealthy. The CPM is always low for video creators around the world, for whatever reason. Dailymotion Partners from France earn 3000 - 4000 euros per month. Global Partners withdraw the monthly least of $100.

programs and options for dailymotion monetization

Monetization Requirements and Earning Potential

YouTube's YPP monetizes accounts with 1,000 subscribers and earns revenue through advertising. You'll get 55% of the revenue generated by the ads shown during, before, and after your videos. It is also possible to charge channel memberships. For every 1,000 views, the average YouTuber makes about $18.

The Dailymotion Partner Program monetizes your videos. The least number of views you need to monetize your content is 1,000 (combined). One hour of watch time on the platform generates $57 in income, making it a great way to make money!

Choosing Between YouTube and Dailymotion Channel Monetization

choosing between dailymotion and youtube

Now that you've seen a YouTube vs. Dailymotion comparison, you are leaning toward one. Let's dive into some key questions if you're still not sure ( you can use both platforms ):

  • Do you have a specific group in mind? It's important to think about who your audience is.
  • Are Your Videos Targeted? Do your videos match specific search queries?
  • Video Length and Size: How long and big are your videos?
  • Monetization: Want to make money? Consider your subscriber count.
  • Privacy Control: How much control do you need over your content's privacy?
  • Analytics: Do you want detailed data on your video performance?

YouTube is your best bet if you want organic search traffic, a wide audience, and hefty videos. If you want privacy control, or if you want to monetize, Dailymotion shines.

Whatever you pick, remember to add captions to your videos. Transcription tools can help with that, making your content more accessible and engaging.

Part 3. Enhance Your Monetization Journey with Wondershare Filmora: A Video Editing Solution

Let's take a look at a powerful tool to enhance your gaming experience. It's Wondershare Filmora. Creating engaging and valuable videos is easy with Wondershare Filmora. An attractive user interface, a media library, and many useful features make it a great choice. A video tool that turns content creators' vision into professional content. Filmora is perfect for YouTubers, filmmakers, and vloggers of all skill levels.

filmora wondershare
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Free Download

Filmora Features for Monetization Magic

1.Creative Templates

Filmora's video templates make it easy to create nice videos. With these templates, you can easily make a captivating intro or an engaging end screen. You make more money when you keep your audience interested.

filmora creative templates

2. Advanced Audio Editing

To create engaging content, you must have great audio. With Filmora's audio tools, you can stretch, denoise, and duck audio to improve your videos. Having engaged viewers means you're more likely to generate income from ads and sales.

filmora advanced audio editing

3. Enhancing Your Videos with Video Effects

Using Wondershare Filmora, you can transform your ordinary videos into something extraordinary. There are a variety of effects available, such as overlays, filters, and transitions. Filters allow you to change your videos' feel and appearance. With overlays, like glitch overlays, you can enhance your videos.

filmora video effects

4. Color Correction

Wondershare Filmora's color correction tool can make your videos much better. You can change the colors and mood of your videos with Filmora's color options. To make your videos look more professional, you can adjust their brightness or darkness. Using vibrant colors can help you earn more and draw in more customers.


When it comes to making money from your passion, picking the right platform is crucial. This guide has shown the main differences between YouTube and Dailymotion monetization. With Wondershare Filmora, you can make the most money from both places.

YouTube is great for long videos, a big audience, and finding people naturally. Monetization Dailymotion is good for making money without needing as many subscribers.

If you put captions on your videos, more people will watch. Think of Filmora as a friend who helps you make money with fun, good videos. It's like having a partner in making money from your videos.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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