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MP3 to YouTube Converter: Upload MP3 to YouTube

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Latest survey shows that Google’s video streaming site Youtube has surpassed radio, as well as CDs to be the most popular way American adolescents listen to music. Almost 91% of the music fans would listen to the samples before they purchase a song on iTunes. “Watching” music is getting more and more popular with Youtube’s arising popularity among music fans.

However, here comes the dilemma if you are trying to share your favorite music list with your friends on Youtube since Youtube is not designed to host files that are purely audio. Only video files are allowed to be uploaded to its server. Despite all this, is there a safe and easy solution to this issue? The answer if absolutely Yes! Wondershare audio converter let you upload an MP3 to Youtube by converting them to videos files first without losing any of its quality, helping you remove the barrier of uploading audio files to Youtube.

With it, you can not only add pictures to your MP3 files but also retouch them with various fantastic effects. Now follow the steps below to check out how to achieve it.

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1 Import Files to Audio Converter

Before upload MP3 to YouTube, you can collect the relevant image, album cover or band picture to your music. Then run this MP3 to YouTube converter and choose 16:9 or 4:3 ratio according to your needs. After that, click “Import” to add the MP3 file and the pictures to the program. Then all the imported files will be displayed as thumbnails in the Media library.

2 Add Pictures to MP3 Files

Drag and drop your MP3 file to the music layer, and the picture to the video layer. These will be located under the timeline bar. Then choose the picture and move your mouse to expand the picture exposure time frame exactly as long as your MP3 file. If less, the remaining part will be blacked out, while too long will create silence in the overextended portions of the video.

MP3 to YouTube Converter

If you want to add and show multiple pictures at a time for a single MP3 file, drag-n-drop them to the PIP layers. This MP3 to YouTube converter supports up to 10 pictures for the same MP3 file. Then adjust the position and size of each picture. You can also do more touch up to your creation. For example, you can right click and choose edit to add motion, mask and more effects as you like.


3 Directly Upload MP3s to YouTube

Watch and check the audio quality of your video. When you are satisfied, click “Create” and switch to the YouTube tab. Enter your YouTube Account, Password and related MP3 information to directly upload your works to YouTube.

add cover image to mp3

Besides uploading to YouTube, you can also save your creation to various formats and play on different devices or burn to DVD.

See, it’s easy convert MP3 to YouTube using this powerful video editing tool. Download and have a try now!

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Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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