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MP3 to MP4 Converter: How to Convert MP3 to MP4?

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

You might get disappointed if you want to share your amazing MP3 playlist with friends on Youtube or Facebook because social media sites like YouTube simply doesn't support the uploading of MP3 files. To properly solve this issue, converting MP3 to MP4 format first can be a good choice.

In this article, we're going to show you how to convert MP3 to MP4 with ease.

Part 1: How to Convert MP3 to MP4 Using Using the Best Format Converter Filmora?

The conversion of one music format to another music format or one video format to another video format is quite easy. However converting a music file MP3 to a video file MP4 can be a daunting task if you fail to find a proper tool. Follow this process we are about to outline, and you will finish converting MP3 to MP4 within 3 minutes.

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Step 1: Import your MP3 files

Run Wondershare Filmora that is free dowonload and choose 16:9 or 4:3 ratio as you like. Then click “Import” to select a file or a number of music files you want to convert. After a few seconds, the imported files will be displayed as thumbnails in the Media library. Drag the music files to the music timeline and adjust the order according to your desire. Now, let's convert MP3 to MP4.

mp3 to mp4 converter

Step 2: Add images to your MP3 files (optional)

If you want to add more features to your files, say add an album cover or band picture, just import the images to the software and drag it to the video timeline. Then make sure the picture exposure time frame is exactly as long as the music file.

mp3 to mp4 converter

Step 3: Start converting MP3 to MP4

Then just hit the “Create” button to start the conversion process: go to “Format” and choose MP4 format. If you want to save and play the file on mobile devices, switch to “Devices” tab and select the device from the list, then Video Editor will automatically convert the MP3 file to compatible format. What’s more, you can even directly upload the file to YouTube as long as filling in the account information.

how to convert mp3 to mp4

You can also find online MP3 to MP4 converters, like

Part 2: What is MP3/MP4?

MP3 is short for MPEG (Moving Pictures Experts Group) Layer 3, an audio file format for storing digital audio data on a computer system. There are three types of audio file format:

  • Uncompressed audio format: such as WAV, AIFF, AU etc.
  • Lossless compressed audio format: .ape, .m4a etc.
  • Lossy compressed audio format: MP3

Here is a comparision table. it is helpful to understand MP3 to MP4.

File extension Format Handles Standards Portability
MP3 .mp3 audio audio ISO/IEC 11172-3, ISO/IEC 13818-3 almost all
MP4 .mp4 multimedia container audio, video, text, images ISO/IEC 14496-14 iPods/iPhones

MP3 files are compressed to approximately 1/10 the original size of the music file without a corresponding decrease in fidelity and perceived audio quality. Therefore it’s rather small in size, making it very easy to download, transfer and share. Converting MP3 to any other music formats is also possible by using appropriate conversion software programs, so it it easy to conver MP3 to MP4 with a right converter.

MP4 and MP3 sure sound familiar and it's possible that some may think that MP4 might be the next step for MP3. However that’s not the case. Indeed they are quite different in that MP4, which is short for MPEG-4, is a multimedia container format, used to store audio, and/or video data, as well as other data such as subtitles as well as images etc.

The biggest difference between them is that MP3 can only store audio, whereas MP4 can store multiple formats of multimedia files.

5 Best Mp3 to Mp4 Converters

Below are the top 5 converters that you need to consider. These converters are not only recognized by the pros but they are also considered to be the best for the process. In addition to this, the converters that are on the list do the job perfectly.

1. Freemake Video Converter

best mp3 to mp4 converter interface

It can be regarded as one of the best and the most advanced mp3 to mp4 converter. It is light which means that the system resources are not consumed much by this program. It is regarded and featured in top blogs and the credit goes to its functionality.

There working of the converter is too simple. You just need to import the file and select the correct format. It supports the formats such as MP3, MP4, AVI, WMV, DVD, and also allows converting the videos to android and iOS formats.


  • The interface is too easy to understand and the novice users can get the hands-on easily.
  • The program supports a hoard of formats and for the same reason, it is highly regarded by audio editors.
  • The program also supports the direct copy-paste from the sites such as Dailymotion and YouTube to download and convert the videos.


  • The program runs on flash and this may disrupt the system as the program stuck.
  • The program also does not convert too many files at the same time which causes issues and consumes time.

2. Switch

best mp3 to mp4 converter interface

This free application makes sure that you get the best outcome when it comes to conversion. Many formats are supported by the program and for the same reason, it is highly used. The program is simple to use and allows the users to overcome the issues that are presented by other traditional programs.

The best part of the program is the customizable options that it presents. It means that the formats to which the conversion is required can be altered with ease. There are numerous options to choose from when it comes to this program.


  • The program is easy to operate which means that the interface and working are sound and easy to understand.
  • The program can run simultaneous threads at the same time which means that the work can be done easily.


  • The settings are hard to understand when it comes to novice users and therefore they find it hard to understand the program.
  • Only the interface is easy to understand and the overall mechanism of the program is hard for a new user if he is not tech-savvy.

3. Format Factory

best mp3 to mp4 converter interface

It is another program that will make it possible for you to get the best outcome. The program is regarded as one of the best by the pros. This is because of the ease of use that it offers.

The program was designed back in 2009 and since then it has shown tremendous growth and success. This is all because of the features that are integrated and the usability of the program that is an all-time high.


  • The program has a very user-friendly interface that is easy to remember and operate.
  • The program runs on minimum resources which means that there is no need for any system upgrades.


  • The updates of the program are not patched regularly which makes it difficult for the user to use it continuously.
  • The program does not support a very large number of audio formats.

4. File Converter

best mp3 to mp4 converter interface

Apart from the audio formats this program also supports doc and video format conversion as well. It means that you can easily get the work done irrespective of the file you are dealing with. The context menu in the explorer bar will make sure that you get the best outcome and the great overall functionality.

File converter has been recommended by tech websites due to its viability. The program offers the best and the state of the art conversion techniques. These techniques are not to be found elsewhere.


  • The program supports audio, video, image, and document conversion to support the users.
  • It is too easy to use and therefore one does not have to be tech-savvy to use this program.


  • The program does not perform compression thereby increasing the size of the converted file.
  • The file management tool is missing on the program which means that the files are not organized after conversion.

5. XMedia Recode

best mp3 to mp4 converter interface

It is another program that allows you to convert the files with perfection. The best part is that it allows the users to overcome the issues that the other programs present. With minimal system requirements, it is highly regarded as one of the best programs of all time.

There is a hoard of formats i.e. 1000+ to be precise that is supported by this software. It is highly diligent and allows the users to get the results with perfection and ease.


  • The basic editing can also be performed by the program instead of just conversion.
  • The 2 audio track conversions are also supported by the program which is not found in many other converters.


  • The media info section of the program is useless as it does not display the desired information.
  • The batch processing of the conversion is not supported by the program which consumes time and effort.


You see, the process of MP3 to MP4 conversion is highly simplified with Filmora because the actions are actually pretty simple even for those who are just starting to acquire computer skills. Besides converting, this MP3 to MP4 converter is also equipped with plenty of useful features, such as trim, rotate, crop video, add loge to video, change audio volume, pitch, set fade in/fade out effect, etc. Now explore more functions by yourself!

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