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Best Free Online MP3 Joiner to Merge mp3 for Free

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Audio recordings captured with a Smartphone or any other type of sound recording device are often split into a number of separate MP3 files, that are difficult to navigate through. Fortunately, you don’t need professional audio editing software to arrange and merge multiple audio recordings into a single MP3 file, since the Internet offers a much simpler solution. In case you were looking for a quick way to mix together several MP3 files, you’ve come to the right place because in this article we are going to take you through some of the best online platforms that enable you to merge MP3 and other types of audio files for free.

Top Free Online MP3 Joiners to Merge MP3 Files

Besides the supported audio file formats, you must consider the upload methods, the number of files a platform lets you merge or file size limitations during the process of selecting an online MP3 Joiner. So here are some of the best online MP3 joiners you can find on the World Wide Web.

1. Audio Joiner

This audio editing tool is a part of the collection of video and sound editing tools offered by the 123Apps platform. Audio Joiner enables you to merge as many audio tracks as you want, and it supports more than 300 audio file formats. In addition, you can choose which parts of the files you want to include in the final mix, apply the crossfade effect that makes the transitions between two audio clips smoother or select the output format of the audio file you’re creating. When done, you simply have to click on the Join button and decide if you want to save the new audio file to your computer, Dropbox or Google Drive. 

2. MergeAudio

This platform supports nearly all popular audio file formats, which means that you can use it to combine and create audio files in virtually any format you want. The MergeAudio platform doesn’t limit the number of files you can upload to it and the process of combining these files is remarkably simple. After you upload the audio files stored on your computer or online, you just have to select the output format, enable the Crossfade option and insert the name of the audio file you’re creating. Hit the Merge button to complete the process, but keep in mind that the amount of time the MergeAudio platform is going to need to create a new audio file depends on the number of files you want to merge. Click on the Play button to listen to the new audio file the platform has produced before opting for one of the available download options.

3. Online File Merger

Online File Merger lets you import files via URL or directly from your computer, but the platform doesn’t allow you to upload MP3 files that are larger than 50MB. In addition, the platform only supports the MP3 file format, and you can’t use it merge audio files that are saved in WAV, OGG or any other formats. The process of merging MP3 files is rather simple since you just have to arrange them, select the preferred Audio Quality, Audio Sampling Rate, and Audio Channels before clicking on the Merge button. Once the files are pieced together, you should click on the Download button to save the new MP3 file to your computer. However, you won’t be able to save your creations to online storage services like Dropbox or OneDrive.

4. Bear File Converter

Bear File Converter enables to merge multiple MP3 files effortlessly. Just upload the files you’d like to merge by either pasting their URL to the URL box or by uploading them from your computer. The platform only lets you import MP3 files that don’t exceed the 50MB size limit, so once you’ve uploaded all the files you’d like to merge you should proceed to arrange them. Optionally, you can adjust the Audio Quality, Audio Sampling Rate, and Audio Channel settings before clicking on the Merge button. You can save all the audio files you generate to your computer, but bear in mind that the MP3 is the only output file format the Bear File Converter supports.

5. AConvert

The support for a wide range of audio file formats as well as a plethora of import methods makes AConvert platform one of the best audio file joiners today. However, the maximum size of the audio file you upload can’t be larger than 200MB, and you must upload the files in the same order in which you want them to appear in the output file because the platform doesn’t allow you to rearrange your audio files after you upload them. Each file you would like to merge must have the same bitrate and format and you must click on the Submit button each time you add a new MP3 file. AConvert platform lets you save your merged MP3 files to Dropbox, Google Drive, and you can also use the QR code if you want to save the new audio file to your phone.

6. Inettools

This is a simple but powerful MP3 joiner that enables you to merge audio files in just a few easy steps. Import the files you’d like to merge to the platform from your computer and wait for them to be uploaded. Hit the Make button after the upload is completed and wait for the Results box to appear on the screen. Click on the link in the Results box if you want to listen to a new audio file you’ve created before downloading it to a hard drive on your computer. Even though merging multiple MP3 files with this platform is a straightforward process, you won’t be able to control the quality of the audio file you’re producing.

7. MP3Cutter

This platform is designed to help its users cut, convert and merge all types of audio files. The Audio Joiner tool lets you import audio files from online sources or from a computer so you can choose the method that is the most convenient for you. Once you’ve uploaded all the files you’d like to merge you can simply drag them in order to rearrange them, and then you can proceed to select the output format, apply the crossfade effect or rename the new audio file. Click on the Merge button to complete the process and then save the freshly created file to your computer. The only downside is that MP3Cutter doesn’t allow you to store the audio files you merged on Dropbox and other cloud storage services.

8. Online MP3 Cutter

Turning your favorite songs into ringtones or merging several audio files into a single MP3 file are just a few options presented by the Online MP3 Cutter tool. You can upload audio files directly from your computer, import them from YouTube or use their URL to add them to the Online MP3 Cutter. The platform also lets you record new audio files or copy, cut and crop the existing audio files. The fade in and fade out effects are also available so that you can gradually introduce a new song, while the Mute option helps you turn parts of the audio file you don’t want to include in the new audio file silent. Despite the fact that Online MP3 Cutter enables you to merge multiple audio files quickly you’re going to need at least a basic level of audio editing skills in order to use this tool efficiently.

9. MP3Merge

All you have to do to start merging your MP3 files is drag and drop them to a specified area of the screen. Each file you add to this tool will be displayed in the order in which you uploaded them, which is why it is important to import MP3 files in the exact same order in which you want them to appear in the output file. This online audio editing tool lets you specify the start and end times of each audio file you import so that you can merge only a selected portion of each audio file. Click on the Merge Now button when ready and specify the location on your hard drive where you want the new audio file to be saved

10. AudioTrimmer

This online audio editing tool enables you to remove unwanted parts of your MP3 files in just a few seconds. Simply upload the file you’d like to trim and specify the start and end points. Optionally, you can apply the fade in and fade out effects before cropping the file and saving it to your computer. AudioTrimmer can be a valuable asset if you need to clean up your audio files before merging them together or if you simply want to create a new ringtone for your phone. The platform supports nearly all audio file formats, but its output format selection is limited to just MP3 and M4r file formats.


Each of the online MP3 joiners we covered in this article is easy to use, so you don’t really have to be a sound editing professional in order to merge your MP3 files with them. However, the options they offer are slightly different so you should choose the MP3 merger that best fits your needs. Which online audio editing tool are you using to merge multiple MP3 files? Leave a comment and let us know.

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