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How to Loop a YouTube Video: The Ultimate Guide 2024

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

You must have watched a thrilling YouTube video and repeated it several times. The challenge to most of us is how to loop a YouTube video automatically while at the comfort of our seats.

This guide will show you three methods on how to put a YouTube video on loop easily on your laptop, iPhone or desktop. And how to loop a video differs from one device to another. Moreover, there are many different types you play over and over again; a favorite sermon, yoga tutorials, a motivational speech, and the list is endless.

In the last sections of this article, I’ll introduce you to the best YouTube video loopers that will keep replaying videos infinitely.

To keep playing your YouTube videos on loop in a very simple way, just keep reading:

How to Loop YouTube Video: for Both Computer and Phone

How to Loop YouTube Video: for Both Computer and Phone

Every human being has his/her most favorite types of videos. What’s yours? To date, how many times have replayed them? Majority of internet users have access to both smartphones and computers. So, are there YouTube video looping techniques applicable to both computers and phones?

The answer is, Yes.

Stop using the reverse button to replay your videos on YouTube and use the options below.

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Option 1: Using the YouTube in-built loop technique: right-click technique

This is the easiest and most used technique to create YouTube video loops.

For Computer Users:

Step 1: Open the YouTube app on your computer or laptop and select the video to replay in a loop. Click to start enjoying your video.

Step 2: While the video is on the play, right-click the video and a prompt action suggestion box will pop up. Click the “loop” option and the playing video will be replay.

Step 3: To remove the YouTube embedded autoplay loop, click the loop option and you are done.

How to Loop YouTube Video: for Both Computer and Phone

For Phone Users:

To loop YouTube videos using the In-built loop technique on iPhone, the procedure isn’t much different from that of a computer. Here are the steps;

Step 1: Open YouTube videos using on your phone. Using prevents opening the video directly from the YouTube app.

Step 2: Browse the video you would like to set loops. Got it? Now start playing the YouTube video.

Step 3: At the top right corner of the video are 3 dots menu. Click the dots and scroll down to the “desktop site” option and select it.

How to Loop YouTube Video: for Both Computer and Phone

Step 4: While on the mobile browser version, long-press the playing video to open the video menu. Click the “loop” option. Now your Youtube replay loop is set.

How to Loop YouTube Video: for Both Computer and Phone

Option 2: Using playlist to set video loop

To play two YouTube videos at once, this is the method to use. Before you can begin the process of setting videos on repeat, you have to sign in first.

Step 1: Select the videos to play on repeat.

Step 2: Sign in to your YouTube.

Step 3: After signing in to YouTube, click the “+” icon at the bottom of the video. Select the “create new playlist” to add the chosen videos. Name your playlist and choose to view public or private.

How to Loop YouTube Video: for Both Computer and Phone

Step 4: Back to the main YouTube app; click the shown three bars and a long list of options pop up.

How to Loop YouTube Video: for Both Computer and Phone

Step 5: Select the playlist “mmm” and then click “play all”.

How to Loop YouTube Video: for Both Computer and Phone

Option 3: Editing URL

This is among the least known method of creating a video loop. It involves editing the video URL of YouTube to replay. URL is usually divided in to different sections. This is the simplest option as involves only deleting the hypertext transfer protocol (https) and the World Wide Web (www) and inserting the word “repeat” immediately after “Youtube”.

This is how to do it:

Step 1: Search for the video to set on replay.

In our case, let’s choose -

Step 2: Delete the first part “https://www.” in the address bar.

The remaining sections will be-

Step 3: After “Youtube” and before “.com” write “repeat”.

So it looks like this “” in your address bar.

Step 4: Click to play and your video will start playing in a loop in the ListenOnRepeat app.

How to Loop YouTube Video: for Both Computer and Phone

2. Loop YouTube video with

Step 1: Click to open any of the above looping sites .i.e.

How to Loop YouTube Video: for Both Computer and Phone

Step 2: Search for the video to set on loop.

Step 3: Copy- paste the video URL to the top blank space of the site.

Step 4: Click “Go loop” at the top right and the video is ready to play in a loop.

How To Loop YouTube Videos On Phone

The most suitable method you can use to set YouTube replay loop is by downloading video looper apps. There a lot of video looping apps for android and smartphones in the market today.

Apps are developed to simplify how we do things and make them more fun. To use video loopers on phones, you only need to download and install it. Next is to search the video to loop and with the slider, loop part of YouTube video that most fascinates you.

Whether you want to play a video on loop on an android phone, iPhone, iOS or tablet, there is mobile app compatible with your phone. This is how to loop your video on an android phone.

Option 5: Using Looping Apps To Set YouTube video loops

#App 1: Musepic

How To Loop YouTube Videos: Only On Phone

The Musepic looper app allows you to set video loops at any point within the play. Select the sections to loop and slide the loop button. You can now watch the YouTube embed autoplay loop for as long as you want.

In this case, we’ll use the Musepic app which is a third-party app available for download. It’s accessible via Google Play Store.

Step 1: Open your phones Google Play Store and search for the free version of the Musepic app. It has In-app purchases which you can use to add more features. Download and install.

Step 2: Click the first apps page option “Search-Find your videos” to select the video to set play on repeat. The best part of this app is the auto-suggestion of the videos you are likely to replay.

Step 3: Musepic app openly shows YouTube video looper controls. Click the selected video to start playing. Among the top, applicable features include loop button, sticky button and time slider.

#App 2: Repeat Player

How To Loop YouTube Videos: Only On Phone

With Repeat Player installed on your phone, you can all 3gp, mp3, mp4 and xmf audios in loops the whole day. Its functions are oversimplified. Among the important features in this app include setting video loops in intervals, playback speed control and sleep timer control.

This app requires android 4.1 and up to function.

Just download the app and at the top 4bars, tap to select the video to loop. Use the two red slides to set the video repeat loop.

#App 3: Loop Player - A B Repeat Player

How to Loop YouTube Video: Only on Phone

If you want to loop part of the YouTube video, Loop Player has two sliders to select the exact parts to repeat. It’s simple to use and is compatible with 4.2+ android phones.

To use this app, download and install it to your phone. Upload the video to loop and with slider A and B, set the video where to repeat.

Loop Player can be used to play background music, change playback speed and save an unlimited number of loops.

How to Loop YouTube Video: Only on PC

There is no much is required to set videos on repeat. The best and easy-to-use option is using Google Chrome Extensions. They are best suited for playing YouTube videos on loop online.

Option 6: Using Google Chrome extension

The number of free-to-use online Google Chrome extensions to set YouTube video loops continues to increase every day. To set YouTube repeat loops online, you just open the extension, copy video URL and you are ready to watch. One disadvantage of this option is you cannot set part of a video to replay on loop.

Here the top extensions;

#Extension 1: ListenOnRepea

How to Loop YouTube Video: Only on PC

This is the best app when you want to loop part of the YouTube video. Use the timing slider at the bottom of the video to select the part to loop.

ListenOnRepeat is available on Google Play and suitable for android 4.1+. If you are looking for music video loops app, this will never disappoint you. It’s simple and easy to use.

You can watch the top trending videos as suggested in its community section every day.

Only one thing will disappoint you; you can never multiple videos at once.

Step 1: Download ListenOnRepeat from Google Chrome extension.

Step 2: After you’ve downloaded and installed, search the video you want to watch repeatedly at the search bar at the top of the app.

Step 3: Click the selected video and it will be replayed continuously.

#Extension 2: Kapwing

How to Loop YouTube Video: Only on PC

Kapwing is the extension to go for if you want to make YouTube videos longer, create a loop on your snaps and make a cinemagraph.

Some of the advanced features are on paid plans and just a few are available for free. You can trim and cut any unwanted parts of the video to replay. This extension allows you to set the number of loops to watch.

Like the other Google Chrome extension video lopper, open the extension, search for URL to watch on repeat and pest its URL and it will play on loop.

#Extension 3: InfiniteLooper

How to Loop YouTube Video: Only on PC

This app will make you glued to the computer with infinite loops on the best part of the YouTube video. Whether you want to watch the full video on repeat or a specific part, the infinite loop should be your choice.

However, this is not a to- go-for app if you intend to watch the video later without spending a single byte. To solve this problem, use a video downloader and with Filmora edit the video as much as you want then save it to your library.

It’s not common to be attracted to only one video. InfiniteLooper designers never thought of this. You have to use other technologies to play two YouTube videos at once.

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Screen Record Looping Videos With Filmora

But with Filmora Screen Recorder, you can watch as many videos as you want on Infinite Looper as you record them. Filmora is compatible with Win10, Win8, and Win7. You can buy this application or download it for free and upgrade it later.

filmora screen recorder

Since InfiniteLooper allows only one video, use Filmora to record several videos, edit them and create up to 100 layers. This way, you’ll watch the 100 video loops in one video. Download and Try it Today!

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version


Before you can decide to play a YouTube video repeatedly, there is a great reason. The fascination in it is so captivating that you require humble time as you watch it. A simple and seamless YouTube video looper best suits such videos.

Time to learn how to loop a YouTube video is of no essence during such moments. To disconnect your soul from that captivating video, try using video loopers that are complex and signing in to gain access to use is mandatory.

As new apps and features emerge every day, which is your best YouTube video looper and how do you put videos on repeat mode? You can leave a comment or suggestion below.

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