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Top Voice Changer Tools for YouTubers: Find the Best Option for Your Videos

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Nov 08, 22, updated Jun 13, 24

Are you looking for the best voice-changing app for your YouTube channel?

Creating a YouTube video with professional output is straightforward, but many people find it challenging because they do not have the right vlogging tools at their disposal. There are countless vlogging tools and one of them is the voice changer.

With a voice-changing app, you can create multiple voices for one video clip with complete ease. Voice changer supports several background sound effects that you can import to spice up your content before uploading it on YouTube. The app makes your videos fun and interesting to watch that then drives traffic to your channel.

Presently, there is an array of YouTube voice-changers available online. While some are top-notch, others are nothing to write about. In this article, we will share with you some top-level YouTube voice-changers recommended by experts in the industry. Without further ado, let's dive in.

In this article
  1. Part 1. Best Voice Changers for YouTubers
    1. 1. AthTek [Online & Free]
    2. 2.
    3. 3. Voxal Voice Changer
    4. 4. Skype Voice Changer
    5. 5. AV Voice Changer Diamond
    6. 6. Voice Changer HD
  2. Part 2. Best Voice Editors for YouTubers
    1. 1. Filmora
    2. 2. Adobe Audition
  3. Part 3. FAQs
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Part 1. Best Voice Changers for YouTubers

Here are the top 7 YouTube voice-changing apps available on the global market today:

1. AthTek [Online & Free]

AthTek is one the world-leading voice-changing apps suitable for Windows operating systems. This simple yet powerful app is well-customized with powerful features such as pitch and speed enhancer. The app allows you to edit your audio recordings easily and quickly.

It provides you with a comprehensive user interface that lets you switch your voice without stress. Compared to other voice-changers, AthTek stands out. The app integrates perfectly with platforms like Skype, etc.

AthTek is a fantastic voice changer, however, it isn't without its dark sides. AthTek is not a real-time voice-changing app. Hence, you can only use it with ready-made sound recordings.

How to Use AthTek YouTube Voice Changer

Follow the procedure below to use the AthTek voice changing app on your YouTube channel:

Step1 Download AthTek from the official website. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the app, and launch it. When AthTek opens, the interface below will appear on your display screen:


Locate the Browse button beside File Path, and click on it. AthTek will automatically direct you to your local storage.

local storage

Step2 Choose your desired audio file from the list available on your computer, and tap the Open button. AthTek will immediately upload the audio file on its interface. The page below will come up on your screen:

tap on open button

Step3 Now move to the Change Parameter section and make the necessary adjustments. Once that's set, click on the Play button to preview the audio file. If satisfied, tap on Export, choose a destination path and click on Save.

tap on export

2. is a cloud-based program that enables you to upload and edit audio files conveniently without distorting the quality. The program also allows you to record your voice, and add effects with complete ease. It's an easy-to-use voice changer with no operating system limitations. Aside from voice changing, supports speech-to-text. Thus, you can convert speech to text without stress.

How to Use

Step1 With the help of an internet-enabled computer system, navigate to the official webpage for The page below will come up if all goes well:

voicechanger io

Step2 Choose your preferred audio input method to proceed. Should you select Upload audio, you will be directed to your local drive where your recordings are stored. Choose an audio file, and click on Open.

upload audio

However, should you pick the Use microphone option, you will be prompted to grant access to the mic. Click on the appropriate key to complete this step.

use microphone

3. Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal Voice Changer is another quality app mostly used by Mac owners to manipulate audio recordings. It's also suitable for editing real-time chat audio recordings. The app provides you with several preset voices that you can select from to make your sound recordings fun to listen to.

Additionally, you have the privilege to customize the background effects that you could be used at any time. Voxal Voice Changer is a simple app with zero restrictions in the free version. It also offers paid versions with additional features for professional YouTubers. Besides editing ready-made audio, the app does allow you to create voice recordings.

How to Use Voxal Voice Changer

Here is the detailed procedure to use the Voxal Voice Changer app:

Step1 From the official website for Voxal, download and install a compatible version of the app on your computer system. Wait until the installation is successful and launch the app for usage.


When the interface above appears, locate the Menu drop-down menu at the top left corner of your display screen. Select File > Import Voice. Your local storage will automatically appear.

Step2 Choose an audio recording or voice to import on the Voxal Voice Changer interface, and tap on Open. After uploading the file, select a voice effect on the left sidebar.

audio recording

Step3 Now click on the green Preview button at the top menubar. Listen to the audio file with the chosen effect. If satisfied, export the file to your preferred storage path.

4. Skype Voice Changer

As the name implies, this app is built for you to conceal your voice when using Skype social media platform. It can also serve as a voice changer for YouTube content creators. This app permits you to transform your audio recordings into interesting sounds easily and quickly.

Skype Voice Changer offers free and paid services to its end-users. However, the majority of its features are locked in the paid version. The app provides a clean voice editing interface so end-users, including those who aren't conversant with information technology, can navigate easily.

How to Use Skype Voice Changer

Here is the set of instructions to use Skype Voice Changer:

Step1 Install the Skype Voice Changer app on your PC, and launch it for operation by clicking on the appropriate button.

skype voice changer app
clicking on the appropriate button

A window with several easy-to-use options will come up just as below:

come up just as below

Click on the Effects button at the top menu bar.

Step2 Select a voice effect on the left panel of the Skype Voice Changer interface. Once that is set, click on Preview at the lower right corner of your screen.

Now speak into a microphone, and listen to your voice.

5. AV Voice Changer Diamond

AV Voice Changer Diamond is another wonderful voice-changing app with several entertaining effects that you can choose from to pimp your audio recordings or voice. The app provides you with several preset options, so you have control over your output. It's one of the most versatile apps for YouTubers.

This voice changer offers an easy-to-manage user interface so beginners in the tech space can easily find their way without involving a third party. AV Voice Changer Diamond works perfectly with all VoIP programs and social media platforms like Skype, Viber, YouTube, and more. One challenge you may experience with this app is the very long installation process.

How to Use AV Voice Changer Diamond

Go to the AV Voice Changer Diamond website to install the latest version of the app on your computer system, and follow the steps below to use it:

Step1 Open the app on your Windows or Mac operating system. You will find the interface below on your screen:

operating system

Locate the Nickvoices at the top toolbar. Click on it, and a couple of voice effect options will pop up.


Step2 Select from the list to proceed. Alternatively, you could click on Custom on the list to customize a voice effect. However, mind you, you must subscribe to a premium package to create a voice effect.

Step3 On completing the step above, locate the Record button and click on it. A new window will come up. Follow the on-screen instructions to record your voice.


6. Voice Changer HD

If you are looking for a voice-changing app that you can use to modify your YouTube audio tracks at a zero-cost fee, Voice Changer HD is the perfect tool to use. The app allows you to turn boring audio recordings into enjoyable ones with the lovely effects it supports.

In addition to the audio editing features, Voice Changer HD lets end-users create sounds from texts. Thus, it supports text-to-speech. The app comes with an easy-to-manage user interface. It has over 25 preset voices tucked into it.

How to Use Voice Changer HD

Using Voice Changer HD isn't difficult. Apply the stepwise guide below:

Step1 Download, install, and open Voice Changer HD on your computer. Once it opens, click on the appropriate button to record your voice.

Step2 Click on the Stop button to end the recording. Voice Changer HD will automatically load an interface with several voice effects. Select one to design your recorded file.


Step3 Next, click on Share to send the file to friends and relatives.


Part 2. Best Voice Editors for YouTubers

1. Filmora


Filmora is an industry-leading audio editing software well-designed with an interactive user interface that allows you to edit YouTube recordings before uploading them on the net. This multipurpose software is customized with endless audio editing features. It supports audio ducking, audio visualizer, auto synchronization, speech-to-text, text-to-speech, and lots more.

Change Voice for YouTube
Change Voice for YouTube

Additionally, end-users can easily detect silence in an audio or video file via the Wondershare Filmora software. Besides audio editing, this software is capable of video editing. It enables you to modify/adjust videos without compromising the quality. This software permits you to add effects, transitions, detach audio, remove background, etc.

Wondershare Filmora has all you need in a video and audio editor as it integrates with several platforms, including YouTube and other social media apps. This audio editing solution is suitable for Windows and Mac operating systems.

2. Adobe Audition

adobe audition

Designed by the first PDF editing platform developer, Adobe Audition is another software you can count on to edit audio tracks with quality output. It edits all audio types, including MP3, WAV, and more, with zero limitations. The software sits at the second position on our list because of the rich editing features it holds. Adobe Audition allows you to mix sounds easily and quickly- a vital reason Disc Jerkers (DJs) use the software. Another feature you stand to enjoy when using this software is the freedom to design sound effects.

Part 3. FAQs

Q1. Can I change my voice for YouTube videos?


With voice-changing apps, you can quickly change your voice for YouTube videos. These apps come with lots of incredible sound effects that you need to pimp your audio tracks on YouTube. Some of the top-rated voice changers available in the market presently have been introduced above. Check them out.

Q2. What voice changers do YouTubers use?

As earlier stated, there are countless voice-changing apps for YouTubers. Depending on the sound effect you need, you may need to try two or more. You can select one from the ones mentioned in the article.


Now you have the top 7 voice changers for YouTubers, select one of them and use it in your next project. All voice-changing apps are simple to use, fast and reliable. However, we advise that you consider the pricing before investing in it. If you need an audio/video editing software program, Filmora is the right tool to use. The software is well-known for excellent results.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jun 13, 24
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