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Video Voice Changer: How to Change the Voices in Videos

Have you ever wanted to change your voice while making videos? Or just change the voices in an existing video? You are not alone. Here are some questions people have asked on Yahoo Answer.

  • Is there any free software you can download that can change your voice in an audio or video that has already been recorded?
  • Hello, I'm making a video. I want to change my voice pitch high, low, fast, slow. I want to know if you know any software that is easy and simple. Thanks

Now comes the solution. I recommend Wondershare Filmora, a comprehensive video editing software that's much easiler than Adobe After Effects. We'll show you how to change a recorded voice or original voice in an existing video/audio with Wondershare Filmora.

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Step by step guide to Change the Voices in Videos

Step 1: Add voiceover or add videos

Wondershare Filmora allows you to change voice of video/audio and recorded voiceover. You can either click "Import" on the primary windows to import video/audio files to the User's Album, or click the voiceover button above Timeline to record your own voice. The imported video/audio files could then be added to the Timeline for editing, while the recorded audio would automatically appear on Audio track.

video voice changer

Step 2: Change voice with one click

Every time when you double click on the added video/audio or recorded voiceoveron the Timeline, you will open the editing panel. You should see options such as Speed, Volume, Fade in, Fade out and Pitch.

audio editing options

Step 3: Pitch Option (Optional)

Both video/audio files and voiceover on the Timeline have the Pitch option. Through it, you could easily change the voice of video or recorded voiceover. Just drag the little triangle button to a desired position. The value will vary from -12 to 12.

Step 4: Speed Option (Optional)

As you could see, there are 4 settings for the Speed option. The Video Speed option will take effect on both video and audio track you selected. For music files and voiceover, the Speed option also works but only affect the audio itself.

Step 5: Export changed video/audio

When you are satisfied with the changed voice, it's time to save the video or audio. All popular video formats and MP3 audio formats are supported. To do so, click "Create" and select "Format". From the list, choose a format you want and click "Create" button. The file will be exported to the specified folder on computer.

voice changer saving

Tips: Always preview your video/audio on the preview windows to ensure it's what you want before exporting.

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Nov 22,2017 16:54 pm
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