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How to Change Dailymotion Thumbnail

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Sep 13, 2021• Proven solutions

How to Change Dailymotion Thumbnail

Use these simple steps to change Dailymotion Thumbnails:

Step 1: Navigate to the video page and then hit that small pencil icon available below the video. It will help you to get complete video information as well as about settings page.

Step 2: Now you have to pause your preview player precisely at the desired frame that you want to use as a thumbnail.’

Step 3: Simply click on the Extract Preview button. It will help you to save your thumbnail.

Note that, partners are allowed to upload their thumbnails directly by hitting the Upload Preview option; then need to choose the desired image from the computer and then click on the save button.

Step 4: Finally, hit the save button from the bottom of the page and it will immediately save your changes.

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Tips to Make Your Custom Thumbnails Pop

Follow these simple tips to avail customized Thumbnails:

1 Make the Best Use of Colour

Brighter colors are the best option for thumbnails as they reflect the best information but never use highly crowded images as they leave a cheap impression. Just try to differentiate your videos from other competitors by using the best settings for saturation and hue etc.

2 Connect with the Viewer: Include an Image of Face

Prefer to keep human face somewhere in your thumbnail. A close-up shot can even be a better option because it leads to an impressive view on every kind of device. This trick adds emotions to the video and viewers get attracted to see the content inside.

3Include Text to Give Context

It is good to add a few impressive words to your thumbnail as this small narrative style information will make your thumbnail highly informative. A title with few eye-catching keywords will be a good option.

4 Create Custom Branding for Your Thumbnails

Using customized thumbnails for your videos will help you to do the natural branding of your video.

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