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How to Embed Dailymotion Video on WordPress

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

1. Embed Dailymotion Videos on WordPress?

If you want to embed Dailymotion videos on WordPress then prefer to follow these simple steps, here’s the tutorial video:

  1. Open your player and then click on export tab, it must be located to the right side of About tab.
  2. Now select your preferences for “AutoPlay Mode”, player size and starting time stamp. Your tool will update this code automatically.
  3. Now copy this recently generated code into a text box.
  4. Paste this code into website code.

2. By using the Advance Plugin

One of the most useful and highly recommended solutions for embedding Dailymotion videos to WordPress platform is Easy Video Player. It contains all advanced features and ensures easy processing for high quality video files. Easy Video Player is rated as a user friendly and highly compatible WordPress plugin for video showcasing. Users can enjoy embedding their self hosted videos as well as other externally video clips on Easy Video Player platform. Here are few simple to follow steps to execute this task:

Step 1: Get your Easy Video Player installed.

  • First of all add new plugin screen to WordPress Dashboard on your system.
  • Now navigate to upload tab.
  • Browse the plugin file of Easy video Player on computer. It must be in Zip file format.
  • Now hit the Install Now option and then click on activate button.
  • Finally move to the settings menu of your new plugin and follow basic instructions for embedding videos to Wordpress.

Step 2: Embed Video on WordPress

You need to copy the code from easy video player platform and then paste it over WordPress platform. If you want to upload multiple videos then keep on copying code from easy video player window in sequence and paste them on wordpress dashboard one by one.

Step 3: Adjust required settings

Now you can update the required video settings by adjusting video height, width and fullscreen like options. Refresh your window after making all settings and your video will soon appear on screen.

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