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How to Copy Color from One Video to Another in 2 Ways

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

If you have ever shot a video, you'd know the struggles of lighting issues. Even if you shoot the video at the same time but in different locations, you will notice a significant color difference, which will be prominent after you compile the shots.

So how to tackle this issue? You can copy color from one video to another using a color match tool.

Take 'Joker'; for instance, the stunning visuals and eye-catching colors are bound to make you crave the same for your projects. Lucky for you, you can just press the magic key to copy the color of the original video to your clip.

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What is Color Matching?

Copying the color refers to the  'Color Matching' technique, I will explain it in the simplest way. Color Matching is the process of replicating the colors in one clip to the other. Once you match all the colors, including the saturation, hue, vibrance, etc, everything is matched from the reference to the target video. In short, the whole color scheme is copied from one clip to the other. Color Matching is of paramount importance to produce outstanding visuals and attract an audience. And you can copy color from any reference video in a click, courtesy of technological advancements. It ensures color consistency throughout the video by making it easier than ever to color match clips in a jiffy.

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How to Copy Color from One Video to Another in 2 Ways

The latest miracle worker by Wondershare is Filmora X. Now, this version is loaded with advanced editing features such as color matching, motion tracking, animation keyframing, and audio ducking. And the interface remains easy and intuitive. Even novice video makers can create Hollywood style videos using these effects.

The color match feature in Filmora X is the one we are crushing over. It is incredibly easy, and just a click away. Just press the Color Match button to copy color from one video to another.

If you still think this ain't as easy as it sounds, I will demonstrate with an example. So, read ahead.

Method 1: Copy Color Using Filmora's Color Matching Option

The first method is pretty straightforward. In this case, I have chosen a jungle and a guy in the jungle. The guy looks totally out of place because the color in both the clips is very different. This is due to the lighting issues, which we will fix by using the color match feature. Let's start:

1. Download and install Wondershare Filmora X. Launch it.

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

2. Go to Files, tap Import Media, and then click on Import Media Files. Select the videos to color match. Import both the reference and the target video.

import color match video

3. Drag and drop the videos to the timeline. Now there are two ways to select the color match option. The first one is to click the color match icon (paint palette). The second way is to select all the clips and right-click. Make sure the playback head is on the target clip. Then choose the Color Match

find color match option

4. Now the target video will be on the right and the reference on the left. You can move the cursor to select the exact point in your video to use as a reference. In the Color controls on the left, you can even choose the intensity of the color match. Once selected press Match.

copy color from image

5. Note that now the two clips are almost of the same color. When you combine the clips, the video will seem very consistent in terms of visuals.

Method 2: Copy Color Using Filmora's Color Preset

You can adjust the color settings of a video and then use that as a template for further color matchings. So, the next time you want to color match clips, you can just use your customized video as a reference.

Let's copy color with a custom preset video.

1. Download and install Filmora X on your computer. Launch it. Still, go to Files, tap Import Media, and then click on Import Media Files. Import both the videos.

import color match video

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

2. Drag and drop the video to wish to set as preset. Right-click and select Color Correction. Tap on Adjust

find color correction option

3. Now adjust the colors. You can change the brightness, saturation, white balance, etc. Once you are done adjusting values, click Save as Preset. You can even name the preset so you can instantly find it.

save color preset

4. Then drag and drop the video that you want to match with the reference: Right-click and select Color Correction.

5. In the Preset tab, click on the drop-down menu and select Custom.


6. Right-click on the desired custom template. Select Apply. The target video will be instantly matched with the color of the preset video. Press OK.

apply color preset

Ready to Copy Color from one video to Another?

No more manual editing to correct lighting issues. Don't worry if you shot the videos at different timings, and now they both have very different colors. With a little help from Wondershare Filmora, you can finally color match clips with stunning precision and ease.

Plus, you can re-create outstanding visuals of famed videos using the color match technique. You can now easily copy color from one video to another in no time.

Now you are an expert too, go on and try out color match using Filmora X in a few super-easy steps. You might take time to master it, but it will pay off in the end.



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