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Color Match

Color Match allows you to color correct clips as a batch instead of having to edit each individually. Here’s how.

1. Drag the video clips and photos you want to use into the timeline. If you want to do any custom color correction, choose one clip or photo and proceed with making your changes.

Color Match Import Files

2. Then, move the playhead to a frame you want to match the rest of your clips to. Select the rest of the clips and images and then either right click and choose ‘Color Match’ or click the color icon on the toolbar and choose ‘Color Match’.

Color Match Playhead

3. Then, select a frame as a reference page and ‘Match’.

Color Match Select Frame

4. This is what you will see after clicking ‘Match’.

Effects of Color Match

5. Last, you can adjust the degree to which the color settings of the other clips are matched using the slider and see the results in the Preview’s ‘comparison view’.

Adjust Color Match