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Split Screen

Split Screen, also known as multi-screen, is when you display two or more video clips simultaneously on one screen. This is useful when you want to display different angled shots at once, compare two clips or images, or incorporate two or more types of footage into your video at once.

Apply Split Screen effects to Videos

Click the Split Screen tab to enter the layout library. There are currently around 30 split-screen preset templates available in Filmora which allow up to 6 clips to be played back at the same time. Double click the preset thumbnails to preview the layouts and then drag the layout you want to use into a video track on your timeline as shown below:

apply Split Screen in Filmora

Double click the Split Screen effect in the timeline to enter the editing window. From there you can add clips to your split screen layout as well as edit and animate each clip.

By default, the duration of the split screen is 5 seconds. You can drag the edges of it forward or backward on the timeline to adjust the duration.

Change  Split Screen Duration in Filmora

Add clips to your split screen

Select the video drop box in the preview window first and then drag the video clip in your media library to the split-screen window. You can reposition your clip by clicking and dragging it within its box.

Add Clips to  Split Screen  in Filmora

Editing your split screen

To add borders around the clips in your split screen, enable the Border option. To change the default border settings click the border option and choose a color and size. If you go to the Transform option in the Video tab you can rotate the split screen as a whole, or change its scale and position.

Edit Clips to  Split Screen  in Filmora

For more details about video editing, check our guide about Editing Video

Color correction for split screen

In Split Screen editing mode you can adjust the white balance and tone of all your clips, or apply 3D LUT effects. The color correction feature works the same as when editing non-split screen videos. Find a detailed explanation of color correction in Filmora in Color Tuning Guide Page.

Color Correction in Split Screen  in Filmora

Animating your split screen

To apply motion effects to your split screen, switch to the Motion tab and double click the motion preset you want to use to apply it. The playback order of the clips is indicated by the ordinal numbers in the split screen template.

Click OK to save the settings and close the split screen editing panel.

Note: Changes will be applied to all clips in the split screen video. If you want to edit a single clip, apply a motion effect to a specific clip, or adjust the color in a single clip, click the clip in the split-screen preview and you can see a small window shown as below:

 Split Screen Single Clip Edit

Drag the slider to zoom in or zoom out of clips, or click the Edit icon to enter the Advanced Split Screen Edit window. From there you can rotate the clip, change its position or scale, do color correction, or apply motion effects. You can also trim the video to the area you want to show in the split screen.

Advanced Split Screen Edit

Remove sound from your split screen

The original sound of your clips will remain by default. Click the Speaker icon if you want to mute it.