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Silence Detection Add-on

Silence Detection can scan and remove silent pauses from your videos automatically, saving you editing time and keeping your viewers engaged.

How to use Silence Detection

Silence Detection only works with clips that have audio. To automatically detect and delete silent pauses in a clip you need to:

Step 1: Import your video and find the Silence Detection option

1. Right-click on the video in your media library and select the Silence Detection option.

get silence detection

2. Add the video to your timeline, then right-click on it and select Silence Detection.

select silence detection

3. Add the video to your timeline and tap on the Silence Detection button on the toolbar.

find silence detection

Step 2: Adjust the audio parameters for the silence detection

The clip will be imported to the Silence Detection window. There you can adjust three parameters for silence detection:

adjust audio parameters

  • Threshold to select the volume threshold you want to trim (segments with volume threshold values under 25% will automatically be considered silence)
  • Minimum Silence to define silence duration or low-sounding parts (segments with silences over 1 second will be detected)
  • Increase Buffer to increase the buffer time for the start and end of audible segments that are next to silences or low-sounding parts.

Step 3: Auto analyze the audio and detect silences and low sounding parts

After you set the detection parameters, click Start to initiate the automatic silence detection sequence. You will see two different things in the timeline:

  • • The black parts show the silent or low-sounding segments to be deleted in the timeline.

delete silent clip

  • • The highlighted parts show the audible parts that will be visible in the timeline.

highlighted audible parts

Step 4: Preview the video and check

You can play the video to verify that all silent parts will be skipped (deleted) automatically. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can adjust the three audio parameters above, and click Restart to re-analyze and delete the silent parts.

preview and adjust silence detection

Step 5: Export to local or to the Filmora timeline

Once your clip is ready, you can choose to export it to a local folder or to your Filmora Timeline to keep on editing.

silence detection export

Export to Local

Click on ‘Export to local’,  to get a .mp4 file without all the silent and low-sounding segments.

You can name the video, select the local folder, or adjust the resolution as you want.

export to local option

Export to timeline

Click ‘Export to timeline’ to export the clip without silent segments to the Filmora timeline for you to keep on editing.

export to filmora timeline

Can I override Silence Detection segments?

Yes, if you feel like extending or shortening silences in certain parts of your video, you can adjust or change the visible and invisible areas on the Silence Detection timeline before exporting the clip by trimming the clip with the Scissors icon or tapping in the eye icons to make clips visible or invisible.

Denoise Audio

Filmora has upgraded hum and wind denoise to bring your audio quality to the next level. You can double click the audio timeline and you’ll see options like below:

denoise audio in filmora

Denoise option includes Normal Denoise, Hum Removal and Wind Removal. Enable the denoise option and adjust the hum removal level as you need.