Instant Cutter

With Instant Cutter tool, you can upload videos shot with your action cameras like GoPro or other video files in format of H.264 MP4/MOV or H.264 MTS/M2TS, then make a quick trimming and merging without re-encoding.

Select Instant Cutter which locates under the ACTION CAM TOOL option on the interface of Filmora.

Instant cutter entrance

With the Instant Cutter tool, you can:

Section 1: Trim video clips

Step 1: Import video file

Click the Open File button, choose the video file you want from the pop-up window. H.264 MP4/MOV and H.264 MTS/M2TS formats are supported for editing. Or you can directly drag the video file into the timeline to start trimming, the video clip will automatically fit the timeline no matter how long it is.

Instant cutter trimming interface


  1. Ultrarapid: You can import an 8 GB video file into Filmora within 2 min.
  2. You can only import one video clip at a time.

Step 2: Trimming

There are 3 ways that you can use to trim the video:

Using trimming sliders

The green in/out sliders on the timeline allow you to trim video clip very quickly. Drag the In slider to set the beginning point of the video, drag the Out slider to set the ending point of the video. The highlighted part should be the segment you want to keep.

trimming sliders

Using Set in/out points

Fix the Playhead on the position you want the video to begin from, then click Set in pointset in buttonbutton, and the In slider will jump to the position where the Playhead locates. To set the ending point with the Set Out point button , fix the Playhead on the position you want the clip to end with, and then click Set out pointset out buttonbutton.

set in/out sliders

Setting starting/ending time

In the left part of Trim interface, you will see the video information, such as video file name, thumbnail, and duration. Under the duration info, you can adjust the starting/ending time by clicking theadjust in/out timebutton or entering the exact number.

Set duration

Step 3: Add Segment

Put the playhead at the point you want the video to start from, then, click Add Segment button, a new video clip which stars from the playhead settled point to the end of the video, will be generated automatically.

Add segment

You can remove it simply by clicking the delete button button.

Step 4: Preview

Press the Space key (or click the Playplay button button) to preview the video clip. You can set the preview starting point by locating the red Playhead in the timeline at any position you want.


If you want to preview a specific scene, you can just drag the Playhead over the timeline, or click thenext framebutton to preview the video frame by frame.

Step 5: Export

After finish the trimming, click Export button to save or upgrade your video clips to the next level.


Save to: Choose the location path for your video clip, or it will be saved under C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Wondershare Filmora\LosslessPath\ by default.

Open Output Folder: Choose Open Output Folder and the output folder will be opened automatically once the export finished.

Send to Filmora: Choose Send to Filmora, to enter the Full Feature Mode, in which you can edit your video clips with more editing features.

Do Nothing: Choose Do Nothing to save your video clips without any further actions. You can continue your work in the Instant Cutter tool interface.

Click OK to execute the export process.

Section 2: Merge Video Clips

This feature allows you to combine two or more video clips together to create a new video clip.

Step 1: Import video clips

Click the Open File button, choose two or more video files you want from your computer. Or you can directly drag the video files into the timeline to start merging:

Merging interface

Requirement: The video clips you want to merge together should be shot by one device, which means that they must have the same resolution and frame rate, etc.

The selected video clip will automatically fit the timeline no matter how long it is.

You can check the total duration at the left corner of Merge interface:

check duration

Step 2: Reorder the clips

If you want to change the order of the imported video clips, you can select the clip you want to reorder, hover the cursor over this change positionicon until a mark like a hand appears, then press the right click and drag the clip to the right position.

change the clips position

To remove a clip, select it and click the delete buttonbutton.

Step 3: Preview

Please follow the Step 4: Preview of Section 1: Trim Video Clips

Step 4: Export

After finish the merging, click Export button, and all your video clips will be save as one.

Please follow the Step 5: Export of Section 1: Trim Video Clips