Editing Image

Images are a great way to tell a story. In Filmora, adding, managing and editing image is easy. Simple editing features and dozens of filters and overlays effects are available for you to enhance your images, so you can add image and combine them with the videos for your movie to tell your own story in a unique way.
In this guide, learn how to:

1. Add Image to Video Track

To add an image to the video track, position the playhead at the location the image is to be inserted and then right-click on the image in your media library and select ADD ClIP. You could also click on the image in your media library, drag it to where you want it in the timeline, and drop it in.

If there are black bars around your image in the preview, here's how to remove them: right-click on the image, select Photo Placement, and then select Crop to Fit or Pan & Zoom. If you want to apply the Crop to Fit or Pan & Zoom effect to all your images, go to FILE > Settings and then Photo Placement.

Note: if you want to insert an image in the middle of a video clip, you need to split the clip where you want the image to display so the image can be snapped in between the parted clips right where it should.

2. Add Image as PIP

Drag the target image to any position you want in a PIP track.

To add more than one image to a frame in the video, use more than one PIP track.

Note: By default, there are only one PIP track in the Timeline, drag an image onto the PIP1, then PIP2 will automatically appear, if drag another image onto PIP2, PIP3 appears. In total, 10 PIP tracks max are available for PIP edting.

To learn more about how to edit PIP, go to Advanced editing>>PIP

3. Edit Image

To Change Image Duration

Once an image is added onto the video track in the Timeline, it has a default duration of 5 seconds. But you may want the image to play for a longer or shorter duration.
There are two ways to change the duration of the image.

  • Directly drag and drop the edge of the image on the timeline to change the duration.
  • Double click the image and enter the Duration time in the box. You can click Apply to All; to apply the same duration time to all the images in the project, that can frequently be used for time-lapse
  • change image duration

    Note: you can only change the playback duration of images in the video track not those in the PIP track.

    To Apply Motion effect

    Motion effect can help you turn any still photo to an animated one.
    To add a motion effect, double click the image on the Timeline and then switch to Motion tab. Double click on any motion to apply it on the image.

    To Delete Motion effect

    Right click the thumbnail on the Timeline and select DELETE MOTION from the menu.

    4. Adjustments of Contrast, Saturation, Brightness, Hue, Tint, Rotation

    Double click the image in the video track, go to Photo section, it enables you to rotate, adjust the Contrast, Saturation, Brightness, Hue, duration and Auto Enhance. You can do some advanced color correction by clicking the Advanced button. Press OK button to save the settings.