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Motion Tracking

The Motion Tracker tool lets you track movement in your video and have objects like elements, videos, images, and text follow that movement.

Applying Motion Tracking to a Video Clip

Here’s how to apply motion tracking in Filmora:

1. Double click on a clip in your timeline to open the editing menu, then check the box next to Motion Tracking.

Enable Motion Tracking in Filmora Windows

2. Move the tracker box over the moving object in the video you want to track and click Start Tracking to render the effect.

Start Motion Tracking in Filmora

3. Next, drag and drop texts, images, elements, or video clips to the track above the video, and adjust the position, size, and orientation if necessary.

Add clipart in Filmora

4. Double click the motion tracking video clip in the timeline, click the dropdown menu under Motion Tracking, and then choose an object to follow the tracked movement.

Select follower in motion tracking

5. Playback the video and check the tracking result. You can fine-tune the size and position of the object following the track in the Preview without start tracking again. Besides, you can also switch the follower at any time.

How to Turn Off Motion Tracking in Filmora

To turn off motion tracking, un-check the box next to the Motion Tracking in the Video editing menu (double click on your clip and go to the Video tab to access this menu).

Select follower in motion tracking