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Text and Titles

Filmora makes it easy to create the text & titles that match your style. You can even add animated text effects like dialog balloons. Captions, lower 3rdssubtitles, openers, and end credits are among the text options available in Filmora.

In this guide you will learn how to:

1. Add Text & Titles & Openers & End Credits to Your Video 

In Filmora, there are openers, titles, lower 3rds, subtitles, end credit, plain texts, callouts templates. You can add a title or other text effect to your video easily using one of the customizable premade templates.

Go to the Titles tab and find a title you like. You can see what the title looks like in the Preview window before adding it to your video.

After that, you can drag it from the Titles library and drop it into the timeline. You can also right-click on the title effect you want and select Apply to add it to the timeline.


If you use particular titles often, you can add them to the Favorite category to find them again easily. Right click on it in the library and select Add to Favorites.

To Apply Openers and End Credits

To add an Opener (also called an Intro) go to the Openers menu under Titles, and right click on the Opener you want to add. Select Apply and the Opener will be added to a new video track.


To add End Credits, go to End Credits under Titles and right-click on the credits you want. Then, select Apply from the submenu. The selected end credits will be placed on the video track automatically. You can drag them and place them to any position on the video track.

2. Edit Title Effects

The default duration of a text effect is 5 seconds. To change the duration of a text effect, drag one of its edges. Or, you can also select the text in the timeline and click the duration icon   edit title in Filmora to set a new duration.

 edit title in Filmora 9

To change the default duration of all effects, go to File-> Preference -> Editing -> Effect Duration.

Add texts in Filmora

To edit a title effect, double click on it in the timeline to open the Text editing panel. From here you can change the style (font, size, color, alignment, etc.) and animation of your text.

edit text in Filmora

To Edit a Title with the Title Group Controller

You can now use the Title Group Controller to adjust all elements in title templates simultaneously.

Double click the title in the track and the Title Group Controller will appear.

Enter values into the X and Y boxes to adjust the position;

Drag the scale slider to adjust the size of the title template;

Drag the rotate slider to change the orientation of the template.

edit text in Filmora

To Change the Style (layout, font, Size, Color, Etc.) of Text Effects

In the Style tab you can change the font, input your words, and adjust other settings.

Filmora can recognize any font installed on your computer, including new fonts you might have downloaded from websites like Google Font. If you install a new font while Filmora is open, you will need to close and re-start Filmora to see it.

Besides choosing a font in this menu, you can make titles bold, italicize them, add borders or shadows, and adjust the placement and alignment of your text.

To change the orientation of the text, click the T icon and then the text layout will be changed from horizontal to vertical. You can type vertically when adding text and titles to your videos.

To rotate a title, go to Transform and then drag the Rotate slider or enter a numerical value to rotate the title to any angle.

To resize a text box, drag the circles around or change the Scale settings under Transform.

To change the title position, you can drag the text box in the Preview window to any position, or enter values for the X and Y axis in the Transform section.

To Apply Text Animations

There are 80+ animation presets available in Filmora. Switch to the Animation tab in the Text Editing panel, double click on the animation you want to try, and watch the Preview window to see what it looks like. Click OK to apply the animation to your title.

Advanced Title Editing

To edit your text in even more ways, click the Advanced button to enter the Advanced Text Edit panel.


In the Advanced Text Edit panel, you can add more elements to a premade title effect such as new text boxes, shapes, or images.

In the left upper corner of the preview window in the panel:

  • Click the  edit title in Filmora icon to add a new text box.
  • Click the  edit title in Filmora icon to add a shape such as an arrow, light bulb, circle, or triangle.
  • Click the  edit title in Filmora icon to add an image.

To change the duration of any type of element you add, drag its edge in the Advanced Text Edit timeline.

You can customize your text effects in the Advanced Text Edit panel in the following ways: font, color, animation, opacity, fill, border (color and size), and shadow (style, color, and size).

3. Save Customized Text Effects as Presets

Filmora allows you to save customized text effects as presets for quick use in the future from both the Text Edit panel and the Advanced Text Edit panel.

  • In the Text Edit panel, after customizing your text (changing the font, size, color, position, or animation), click Save as Preset.
  • In the pop-up Preset Dialog window, enter a name for your new preset and click OK to save it.


  • The preset will be saved in the Custom folder under Titles.


While in the Advanced Text Edit panel, you can save presets the same way: by clicking the Save as Preset button.

4. Remove a Title

To remove a title effect, just select it in the timeline and hit the Delete key on your keyboard. , You can also click the delete icon  delete in the toolbar, or right-click on the title and choose Delete.