Trim/Split/Rotate/Crop/Join video

After all the media files have been imported, you can now edit them in your video project. You can edit the sequences by arranging clips in the order you want them to appear in your movie, and "clean up" your video footage, edit out the unwanted parts and keep only the best bits to include in your movie and more. In this guide you will learn:

1. Select Clips in the Media Library

1. Select one media file: click a thumbnail.
2. Select multiple media files: press and hold [Ctrl], and then click the thumbnails you want.
3. Select a sequence of media files: click the first thumbnail in the sequence, press and hold [Shift], and then click the last thumbnail in the sequence.

Note: You can locate the media file directly by searching its name in the Search bar

2. Delete Media Clips from the Media Library

In the Library, right click the clip and select DELETE.

Note: When you delete a clip from the library, only the reference is deleted not the actual clip. All the clips still remain in their original location since they are just referenced in the Media Library. You can still find the file in the location where it is stored.

3. Add Clips to a Video/PIP Sequence in the Timeline

Do one of the following to add clips to the Timeline panel in Filmora:

  • Drag and drop the thumbnail of the media file in the media library panel to the Timeline.

  • Choose target, right click to ADD CLIP or APPLY TO PIP.

Tips: Automatically the file will be dropped at the very beginning of the video track. When you drag and drop the next one, that will be sticking to the previous file automatically. It is designed to prevent the black frames from generating after exporting the video.

What's more, for better arranging your clips, Wondershare Filmora allows you to add up to 10 PIP tracks.

4. Access Sample Colors or Sample Intro Video

Filmora also provides several sample colors or intro video. To get access these resources, just click "User's Album" and choose SAMPLE COLORS or SAMPLE VIDEO.

5. Delete Clips from Timeline

Do one of the following:

  • Right click a clip and select DELETE
  • Select a clip and hit the DELETE button Deletein the menu section or the Delete button on the keyboard

6. Trim Video Clips

If you need to trim the video from the beginning or the end of the video, hang your mouse at the front/rear of the clip until trim icon shows, drag it forward or backward to unleash in the position where you want to trim an unwanted part.

trim sides

If you need to cut a section in the middle of the video, drag the slider to the start point and the end point of the unwanted part, press the scissor icon to split the video first, select the unwanted part, press Del button to remove it.

7. Split Video Clips

Split clip manually on timeline Drag the playhead to the position you want to split, click /right click and choose SPLIT.

Split clip using scene detection

  • right click on target clip in the media library panel, choose SCENE DETECTION
  • a dialog pops out, click DETECT
  • Wait a few secs for the smart-splitting to finish. After finish detecting, you can select the unwanted scene and press DELETE to remove it
  • Lastly press Apply to apply all the scenes onto the timeline for further editing
scene detections

8. Rotate or Flip a Video Clip

With the rise of smartphone-captured video, you've more than likely come across a few videos that were filmed sideways which make viewing difficult, luckily Filmora offers the rotate or flip function to help fix that. To rotate or flip a clip:

1)Double click the clip in the Timeline or Storyboard viewer.

2)In the Editing panel, click the four buttons on the top to rotate or flip your clip and check the result in the Preview panel.

3) Then click Return to return and the clip will be rotated in the chosen way.

rotate media clips

9. Crop Video Clips

1)Select a clip in the timeline panel

2)Right click the clip and choose Crop and Zoom crop clipsor click the CROP CLIP button crop to open the edit panel.

3)In the pop up window, stretch and move the rectangle in the Preview Window to define the desired frame area. You can also choose either"16:9" "4:3" or "manually" to crop your clip.

10. Join Videos

Got several videos in a sequence and want to combine the videos for a movie? The join feature can have you put them together in no time. To join videos together, just place all the videos in the Timeline in the sequential order and click "Export".

11. Copy & Paste Clips

You can copy and paste one or more clips at a time. The relative spacing (both horizontal spacing in time, and vertical spacing in tracks) of clips is kept. Copy and paste copies of clips at the end of tracks you first target, or insert them at any new playhead locations.

  • Select one or more clips in the sequence, and right-click and choose COPY
  • In the Timeline panel, position the playhead at the wanted point in the sequence where you want to paste a copy of the clips.

Note: The clip or clips are pasted into the sequence, if there were clips on the PIP track before the paste, they might be overwritten by the copied PIP clips. However, clips on the video track will not be overwritten in any circumstances and just be inserted at the end of the video track or at any new playhead location.

12. Enhance video clips

Adjustments of Brightness, Saturation, Contrast, Hue, and Tint

Double click the video or image clip to enhance on the Timeline. Then drag the sliders to adjust the Contrast, Saturation, Brightness or Hue of the clip. What's more, you can apply a 3D LUT effect to video clip. You can watch the Preview Window to see how the new settings affect the image.

manually enhance a clip

To Automatically Enhance a Clip

You can also check the Enhance box to activate the AUTO DENOISE AND ENHANCE to the selected object.

Note: You can click the Reset button to reset the original color setting of the clip.

13. To Change Video Playback Speed

Double click the video clip in your Timeline to open the Editing window. Then, drag the speed slider to adjust the playback speed of the video clip. You can also enter the precise playback speed you want in the speed field, or change your speed by changing the video duration. You can make your video up to 100x faster or 0.01x slower.

change video playback speed

Want to learn how to change the playback duration of an image? Learn here>>

14. Rearrange the Playback Order of Clips in a Track

Select, drag and drop to rearrange clips in a sequence.

15. Zoom in/Zoom out Timeline

Do one of the following:

  • Find the Zoom in/out slider at the right top conner of timeline, drag it forward to zoom in the Timeline and drag it back to zoom out.
  • Click zoom out timeline to zoom in the Timeline or zoom out timeline to zoom out.
  • Click automatically zoom to fit Timeline to automatically zoom to fit Timeline.

16. Resize the video

If you need to resize the size of the video, you can drag and drop the video to the timeline to cut part of the video. Or you can go to the output window to lower the parameters, including resolution, frame rate and bit rate.

If you need to resize the display size of the video to fit the player. Please crop the vide onto the timeline first and then adjust the output resolution you want. To check the details, please click here.

17. Add watermark/logo to the video

To add a watermark to the video, please follow below instructions.

  • Press "Import " button to load the video file and the watermark image to the Media Library.
  • Drag and drop the video file and the watermark image to the video track and PIP track .
  • Then adjust the size of the image by dragging the small circles around the frame. You could also move it to the position where you need.
  • Then change the duration of the watermark image to the same length as the video by dragging the edge of the image file.

18. Ripple edit

A ripple edit lets a single edit ripple down through the rest of the movie to ensure everything stays in sync and just the way you designed it. All you need to do is to press the Auto Ripple button to turn it on. If you add a new element in the middle of the project, the video with all the added effects will be shifted along as a group. You can click the chain button again to unlock the combination.


Also you can use this feature to do the ripple delete without affecting the sequences of other elements on other tracks. You just need to turn on auto ripple, select the video clip, right click and choose Delete, all the effects applied will be deleted with the clip. More importantly, the orders of other elements on other tracks will not be affected at all.

ripple deleted

Tips: please note that this feature does not apply to the audios on timeline.

19. Render Timeline

The new preview render mechanism made it possible to render the timeline for smoother playback without descreasing the quality of final export. When you drag the video file into the timeline, you will find a red/yellow/green fine line over the video clip, if the red color appears, it represents high CPU consumption which may cause laggy or stuttery while editing, you can choose to render the clips by clicking the Render Timeline button here.

render timeline

Need more help? You might find the answer to your question in the FAQ or additional information below.