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Filters and Overlays

Filters and overlays in Filmora will make your creative possibilities endless. You can dramatically change the look and feel of your video in just a couple clicks.

1. Add Filters/Overlays

Wondershare Filmora enables you to add as many filters and overlays as you want.

There are three ways to add filters and overlays to a video.

    • Open your project, go to the Effects tab, and then select the filter or overlay that you want and add it to your project.

find filters in Filmora

  • Hover your mouse over the filter or overlay effect you want. When you see a plus icon in the middle, click it. Then effect will be added to the timeline.
  • Drag the filter/overlay and drop it directly onto the video clip in your timeline that you want to add it to. Effects will be applied to the whole video clip this way.

Note: If you are editing a ‘portrait’ (9:16) clip in a 16:9 video, you can add background blur filters to replace the black bars.

2. Remove Filters/Overlays

There are two ways to remove filters or overlays from your project.

  • Select the filter/overlay in the timeline and hit Delete on your keyboard.
  • Right click on the filter/overlay in the timeline and select Delete from the menu.

remove filters Filmora

3. Find Filters/Overlays

All filters and overlays are sorted into themed categories (i.e. Faux Film or Bokeh Blurs) to make them easy to find. Go to the Effects menu and see the categories on the left and start browsing.

4. Customize Filters

Wondershare Filmora enables you change the duration or opacity of filter effects.

To change the duration

The default length is five seconds, but you can drag the edge of the effect in your timeline to change its duration.

change filters duration in Filmora

To Change the Alpha Opacity of a Filter/Overlay

The alpha opacity (transparency) property can have a value of 0-100. A lower value makes the filter more transparent. Double click on the filter in the timeline to customize its opacity. Then, you preview how your clip looks with the filter applied to it in the Preview Window.

change filters alpha in Filmora

5. Favorite Filters/Overlays

Right click on a filter effect in the Effects menu and select Add to Favorite. Then, go to the Favorite category to find it again quickly.

add filters in Filmora